Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sex Survey

Warning for adults only:

Once and awhile I think about having sex with someone, specially to someone I have had before, I also think about doing it to somebody I admire, from celebrities to just someone I met or meet from a bar, It’s ok, I am just human, specially I am a man.

I am in the office now, and I just finished my work, I got nothing to do so I decided to browse the web when this survey popped up to my screen, it captured my interest so I answered it truly with my heart, I admit I changed some of the question written here to a more daring a bold, added my own questions to.

So here are the questions:

Question #1:  Which are you most attracted to your sex or the opposite
To opposite...Body, hips, boobs.

Question #2:  Ladies would you eat ***** or guys suck a ****
Ladies only.... If that satisfy her.. Why not...

Question #3:  Would you do or have you done a 3some

Question #4:  If you do a 3some do you want someone of the opposite or same sex
Opposite sex... even 5 some... hahahahha... for as long as it's opposite sex

Question #5:  Do you like it in the ***

Question #6:  Guys do you like to watch guys suck each other or ladies eat each other
Ladies eat each other

Question #7:  Do you swallow

Question #8:  If you don't actively participate with a member of the same sex would you let them suck or eat you
ahahahha... no comments

Question #9:  Do you like seeing your partner have sex with others
Not at all... my girl is my girl only...

Question #10:  Sex or money?

Question #11:  What's your favorite position during sex?
Woman on top...

Question #12:  How often do you have sex?
now a day.. it's been one year and a half... heller.. I am in Saudi....

Question #13:  Do you lick/suck?
Why not.... if that is her necessity....

Question #14:  Do u have a big/medium/small penis?
I want to call it average but I can play a long performance..

Question #15:  Are you a freak?
It defends... if she is too aggressive for me.. Why not.

Question #16:  Name someone you wanna **** now?
For Oral Sex "She is in my twitter now"... for foreplay "let’s call her Tantrum" for Woman on Top "She who must not be named" nyeheheheh

Question #17:  1-10 you in the bed [be honest]
I’ll go for 8

Question #18:  What turns you on the most?

Question #19:  Does size matter?

Question #20:  Have you licked a penis or vagina?
Ahahahahaha…. I'm straight yo… so my answer is vagina….

Question #21:  Most ******* in one session?
3 to 4 pops…. Yeah baby…

Question #22:  What do you think about during sex?
ahhahahaha... everything about it.

Question #23:  Ever had a Three-some?

Question #24:  How often do you **********?
I just dont know

Question #25:  Do you like oral?
A lot

Question #26:  What's better, someone you care about or a one night stand?
Just for fun "One night stand" but nothing compares to someone you truly love...

Question #27: Motel, House, Beach, Open Ground?
Motel.. Because you can really do what you want and you don’t have to worry that someone might hear you murmuring.

Question #28:  Sex before massage or massage before sex?
Either of the two it would be just fine.

Question #29: Favorite line or flowery word you say before having sex?
“You’re too irresistible”, “You’re warming up my nerve” and now I can’t wait to say this one “You're the perfect combination of sexy and cute” hahahah… from the movie 'Crazy, Stupid Love'

Question #30:  In a very simple way… How do start your performance and how you do like it to end.
Ehem… I always start with a simple kiss, then licking her body down to her vagina until she murmur, and then licking her body again up to her boobs and play with her nipples while masturbating her… I like that way.. I sometimes wait for her to tell me to insert my penis into her vagina... I sometimes wait her to say “Please do it now...” by that I know she is on her most notable climax.

So there you go…

My survey about SEX….

Thank you for reading.



  1. Nawindang ako! hahaha, honest to goodness na sagot lalo na yung number 10. Pero yung iba - basta, hahaha!

  2. hala 30 questions pala yan! hindi ko namalayan, binasa ko lahat at ang dmaing kong tawa. Ikaw na ang addict.

  3. eto ang comment ng "NO Comment".. ewan ko sayo al.. haha...

  4. eto ang comment ng "No comment".. ewan ko sayo al..haha...

    natuwa naman ako kay mayen.

    "I want to call it average but I can play a long performance.."ito ang panalong sagot.Yan ang pinoy may dugong di malupig.


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