Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crash Night (The Story Circle Magic Show)

Do you wanna see a Mentalist performing live? How about cardician? Do you love coin Magic? Wanna see a lady magician performing her great act?  Do you love close-up magic, how about illusions?

The Story Circle is proud to present its first major Magic Show and Event
Crash Night
Living the Magic
Sharing the Smile

Happening on
September 22, 2012
4th Floor Rotary Club
Roces Avenue corner Mother Ignacia Street
Quezon City, Philippines.

When we say Magic it must be a showcase of different talent and performances, TSC is perhaps one of the most popular underground magic groups in the Philippines, and it is composed of group of youngster who shares the same interest.

Tickets are sold for 150 Pesos only.

Don't miss the fun.

File your leaves early

Letter from a loving husband

An entry written by my father Jay Diwallay for my Mom when she passed away last July 19, 2012, perhaps this is also the reason why I can't focus on writing any entry to my blog because of what happened to her... I miss her so much...

Mr. and Mrs Diwallay

I loved her from the onset of our marriage on March 22, 1975 up to the last breath of her life on July 19, 2012, I was holding her forehead with my left hand, my right hand on her breast and sob my entire face unto her neck to determine her condition, but Allah was so kind and generous that she expired without me noticing any kind of struggle on her entire self, a second later I raise my head and told her elder sister that she has gone forever, tears from my eyes flow down my chick unnoticed although, I had vowed not to cry when she passed away, as her doctors told me to prepare everything for her but, then loved that binds us together for the last 37 years overwhelmed my faith in Allah..... and.... I began to cry silently, tears of love continually flow down, although it is unusual for a faithful men to do so, but upon returning to my perfect senses I said... Ya Allah I regret not of her passing, and to you I submit my wife for your forgiveness and a full blessing in your kingdom and send her to the highest of paradise that befit her as she is a woman pure in words and deeds...

From loving husband.

Jay Diwallay

Thank yo for Reading....

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