Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Boon

Expect the unexpected

Beyond any one can imagine is a beautiful and sight worth remembering for, we were crossing the road in the desert going to our camp when we passed by to this area in exit 39, we were amazed by its splendor and magnificent boon, I was silent at the back seat of the car with my two other friends Dexter and Erik, in front is Kim and his friend who is sitting at the driver’s seat and driving the car.

When we reached this part of the road, there is only one thing that comes to my mind, “Please stop for awhile and let’s steal some memories and put it in our FB account”, maybe they heard my thoughts, “wow brilliant idea”, that’s what I’ve said when Kim asked if I want to pull the car and have some picture here.

And so we pulled the car and rushed outside to be the first to have a good look, yes!!! The desert did not disappoint us; it was like we are in an enchanted land that time, a natural beauty that comes from a dry and dying land, the good smell from the wind of winter in the heart of the sand. It was already Magical…

We have a lot of pictures here, but this is one of my most favorite.

Click to enlarge

What is funny is that, there is also a lot of car who also stops and joined us, they also take out there cameras and cell phone and posed as if they own the place.

Thank you for reading.




  1. pumoposing ka lang pala! wahahaha! ayos!

  2. Ayos sa posing ah? nice place. :)

  3. aba parang model lang ah..:)

  4. naks! pwedeng model hihi. si uwak to naging pusa ahihi. magandang gabi

  5. ano yung BOON? hahah...

  6. Hinahanap ko yong splendor and magnificent boon di ko makita.Ngayon ko lang naisip yong posing mo pala ang shining shimmering splendid wala ng iba.

    Ibang klase. talagang ninamnam ko ang bawat salitang ginamit mo sa post na ito.Ikaw na.Ano ba ang meron sa kaguluhang ito?


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