Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Card Mentalism

Oh yeah!!! Magic time… this was filmed last October 2010…
This is one best example of Metalism Card Magic, I was asked to show them some tricks and as usual every time I am asked to do that, I always show them different card magic and this would be my closing act.

This is very simple and you too can follow.

Here are the RULES.

I'm gonna show him 10 random cards from the deck.
He must choose one.
He must not say it all he need is to think about that card.
He must also remember to which chronological order his card belong.
That's all he needs to do.

Please don’t watch the video unless you understand the rules.

Please don't watch the video unless you have speakers or head sets.

Take a guess…. Who's my spectator?

So here it is... my Card Mentalism Act.

Thanks you for coming.



  1. hoy magtrabaho kayo magic ng magic.. hehe.. Ang kulit ng friend mo. hindi pala naintindihan ang chronological order. Sayang hindi ko naisip pumili ng cards. nabilisan kasi ako sa pag lapag mo ng cards eh. Yun din kaya mapipili kung sakali? hehe nice trick. I like it.

  2. Apo nagpatalen kuya..naglaing yus!!

  3. putek umextra pa si Akoni! Akoni Pakyow! LOL
    Takte nalimutan kong pumili ng card ko. Ulitin ko nga lol

  4. hahahaha...Pakyo ka moks..lels

    Mayen kilala mo yan..haha

  5. ginawa din to ng katrabaho ko dati. and i might say bilib ako hehehe


  6. tatlong beses kong inulit. What the ....
    pano nangyari yon?


  7. ahahaha hoy magtrabaho kayo... ang baba ng ratings andun kasi si akoni.. hahha joke lang...

  8. ME TOOOO! 2 of spades din ang pinili ko. Ikaw naa!


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