Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nomer "MindMaster" Lasala

Do you think you are safe? Do you think that nobody is listening to you; think again!!!

Today’s post is again about Mentalism, because like what I said, aside from being a part-time precisionist of magic I also practice that craft called MENTALISM, and as a part mentalist, I am trying to learn how to listen and manipulate once inner thought.

This is actually a special post about a good friend whom I’ve met in TSC (The Story Circle) way back 2009 when I was still in the Philippines, he is a Mentalist and a self confess Psychic and Medium, meaning he don’t just read your thoughts but also can talk to dead people, hmmm!!! I know you’re now becoming sceptics now, well it’s ok! We’re used to it.

His name is Nomer Lasala a.k.a Mind Master, he is one of Philippines best mentalist and a certified mind reader, psychic, medium, call it whatever you want but it’s all the same, it’s his profession, his passion and specialist, Nomer at young age has already showing his talent which eventually put him to the list of the Casino’s unwanted people, he was banned and not allowed to enter in any of the Casinos in the Philippines, because of the fact that he can be able to read mind.

Frankly speaking, at first I really don’t believe in such thing called mind reading, but when I met him most specially seen his performance live, that’s the only time I’ve convinced myself to believe that there are things in this world that certainly can't be explained, to read once mind is nothing but a fairy tales but this guy proves it to be real, he has a very strong knowledge about this craft and a very convincing method.

I couldn’t forget when he performed to Ali Sotto on his own show in GMA 7 called “Mind Master” where in during the segment he demonstrated his talent of being a part medium, I can’t explain in full details how he did that because it’s already exploitation but all I can say is that, during the session he tried to talk to the soul of the late Miko Sotto, he actually tried to talks to the dead soul of the son of Ali Sotto and as we all know Ali Sotto will not engage in any stupid or scripted act that involves her son and she was there right in front of Nomer when Nomer tried to connect with the spirit of Miko.

Mind Master GMA 7

Being a Mentalist is not easy, you’ll get a lot of negative comments and a lot of haters, when I chatted with Nomer through Facebook chat and asked him if it’s ok with him if I’ll write a blog about him, this is what he answered to me.

iblog kita

okslang ba?
cool =)

tho ingat lang sa mga haters ko hehehe

oks lang
mainam na ang may hater
means sikat kana

It’s true ladies and gentlemen, he has a lot of haters, but Nomer is a very professional player, he does not take it personally, he just ignores it and focus his attention to much important thing to do.

Nomer is one of Philippines' leading mentalist & arguably the best in his time.

There are phenomena between heaven and earth that can be explained,

He is none of them. Nomer loves to keep himself busy, an ardent hobbyist, he used to be in a band as a vocalist / keyboardist, plays basketball and he used to be a track and field athlete back in College.

As a Mentalist, he possess the ability to figure out what people are thinking and he can influence one's thoughts, being a performer for almost 1/3 of his life, He loves seeing the amazement in the eyes of his spectators and for him that is priceless. 

Nomer speaks 10 different languages, 7 of which he don’t understand but he speaks them well. 

Currently writing a book titled " Seduction, Persuasion and Deception" which will be released by the end of the year. 

Nomer is also of the star of the high-rating show MINDMASTER at GMA7. 

For more information about Nomer or for gigs and upcoming T.V, appearances, you may visit

And please click on the "like" button of his new fan page.


“Mentalism is a mixture of psychology and psychic but we borrow the theatrics of magic because our advocacy is to present psychic to people in a convincing way. Mentalists are referred as psychic entertainers,”  - Nomer

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  1. napapanood ko siya sa show niya sa GMA 7, hnd ako naniniwala, feeling ko kasi scripted.. sorry pero hnd talaga ako makapaniwala hehe! paano niya nababasa ang nasa utak ng tao? di ko

  2. Mahirap ipaliwanag mommy... like what I've said.. theres certainly a thing na mahirap ipaliwanag at maniwalaan.. pero talagang nangyayari po talaga.... like si Justin Pinon sa PGT :

    mahirap na po siya maging scripted... hhehe

    pero po. oks lang.. like what I've said.. we are used to eat...


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