Sunday, February 20, 2011

Come fly with me

What if you can fly?

What if you can define gravity?

What if you can levitate even just for a while?

Have you ever thought about it?


When I was still a little boy I used to sit outside our house in Zamboanga City, I always look at the stars and dreamed away wishing that I’m like Peter Pan that can fly to Neverland.

Perhaps ever since the beginning of time, man has always been fascinated about conquering the air up there, Leonardo Da Vinci’s work’s and drawings are just one proof of human’s interest about flight.

Just imagine being able to go to any places you like without any hustle, to have a breakfast in Hong-Kong, lunch in Australia, eat your dinner in Paris, sleep over night in New York, go to Eiffel Tower, cross the Atlantic Ocean and take a pictures in Grand Canyon of Arizona, see the Pyramid of Egypt, you can do all of these thing if you could just fly away, isn’t it that great?

How I wish I could fly, I will work here in Saudi forever during day time and fly back to Philippines at night to rest, I will shop around the world, see many different places, meet different people, eat in different restaurant and collect different souvenirs.

You may say I'm a dreamer but I am not the only one (Sir John Lennon... eheheheh) I know one day I will fly away, if not in reality maybe in my dreams.

Photo by: Ardy. Feb 19, 2011 at SABIC Camp.

Come fly with me.



  1. i remember the lyrics of a song 'i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky.....'hehe!

    pwd k nang lumipad ngyn, pagdating mo d2 pinas punta ka dahilayan, hehe! asia's longest dual zip line located at bukidnon..hahaha

  2. @mommy-Razz: isa po sa mga favorite song ko ang I belive I can fly... ehehhehe...

  3. galing ng jumpshoot ha!!!pero teka parang may nakausli?!! LOL

  4. @Iya_khin: pati ba naman yan.. napansin mo... ehehehhe... toinks... uu nga no.. di ko napansin yan...

    @Akoni: gaga... ako si zsa zsa zaturna ... ehehehhe...

  5. Yes I'll come and fly with you!

  6. ahahahha... Denase... sige sabay tayo...

  7. Tulad ng isang ibon, tao rin ay lumilipad hehehe...

    Love the photo...:)

  8. Jag: tama ka dyan... malaya tayong lumipad...

  9. wakekeke pareho tayo ng closing XD naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko B1? sa palagay ko nga B2. operation lipad!


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