Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In love again

In love again

I can’t believe that I have you…
Though we have passed through many challenges

I can’t believe that you are mine
Thought we have cruised a rocky road

I can’t believe that we reached this far
Though we have fight and argued many things

I can’t believe that we are still together
Thought we have faced many difficulties

Whenever I take you in my arms
I fall in love again

Whenever you are near
I still don’t know what to say

Whenever I’m with you
My happiness is complete

Whenever I kiss you
I know what does life really mean.

Whenever I woke up
I always realized that I was only dreaming.

Girl where are you
Are you still coming back?
Please tell me so
Because I am willing to wait.

Eklabuz Kimpertuz


  1. ikaw na ang inlove?!! hmmm ume-emo kana ha!!

  2. @Iyakin: ehehheh... emu-emohan lang yan... ke ek-ekan lang ba...

    @Leorap: huwag kang magpapaniwala kay iyakin... iyakin kasi yan... ehehehhe

  3. char naman..w ahehe

  4. @kiko: kamusta.. ehehhe... thanks sa pag drop by... charinganers lang yan...

  5. emote time..hehe just pray and she will be back one day po.

  6. hmmmmm drama, ouch! ang sakit noh.. babalik yon kasi naghihintay ka eh.. hehe!

  7. @Parekoy: eheheh... wal yan... etching lang yan...

    @Em: no kaba.. ok lang kahit di na bumalik ang lokaretang yun... eheheh...

    @Mommy-Razz: TC... drama ba... ehehhe... Uu masakit parin....


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