Sunday, February 27, 2011

Captain America

I think it was 2008 when I first heard from a forum that Captain America can be seen again in wide screen, they stated that Marvel Comics was planning to do the new installment of the 1980’s Movie Franchise, I admit when I heard about this I did not believe them but instead I just laugh and said “in your dreams”, I’ve already saw the old Captain America Movie back in the 90’s when my father bought me an original Betamax copy of it, but the movie wasn’t that impressive, maybe because of the Superman and Batman movie rivalry, and I also had the chance to watched the 1980’s TV Special of the same character and again I was not impress.

And so when I heard about their plan of remaking the movie, I’ve said to myself “Oh! Please!, not him, not that Superhero” I was afraid that they might ruin the good identity of Captain America just like what they’ve done to the first Incredible Hulk Movie as well as to Superman in Superman Return.

But just recently while I’m doing some YouTube hopping, I encounter this famous blue costume with a stripe and a star with an indestructible shield, I was really surprise to see him in live action, I’ve been following the updates about this movie but now, YES! It’s not just and a rumors and a scrap picture on set but instead the very first trailer of the very first AVENGER ever live. 

Captain America is the outcome of the successful experiment of the underground unit of U.S. Military Government who is back then fighting against the evil villain Red Skull, He is Steve Roger a Marines who was chosen to obtain the Super-Soldier Serum and serve his country and become a Super Hero.

So here it is.

At least it looks nice and exciting in the trailer; let’s just wait for the movie to be shown on July 22, 2011.

That's it from me, Im AL Diwallay the last Avenger... ehehehhe..


  1. Yes...yes...yes...yyeeehaaaaa...nsa pinas ako sa JULY...hahaha...wait for me kapitan amerikano

  2. buti ka pa makakapagbaksyon na ako.. hindi pa... eheheh... next year pa... ehehhe...

  3. wow... mag-mamarine na din ako.. baka bigyan din nila akong serum... hehhehehe... :)

  4. di ko pa sya naencounter gwapo ba ang hero ngayon? hehehe

  5. mahilig ako ng mga super heroes movies pero hindi ko kilala c Captain America.. nice to meet you captain america.. hehe

  6. char MARVEL fan ang batman kahit DC ako..w ahehehe

  7. @Kamil: sabay na tayo dalawa.... ehehehhe... gusto ko rin magpaturuk ng serum...

    @Iya_Khin: eheheheh... maencounter mo lang yan siya sa sinehan... ehehhe...

    @Mommy-Razz: ako rin... halos lahat ng super hero movie napanood ko... kahit ang Super Islaw starring si Richard Gomez... napanood ko at ang unang captain Barbel Movie na pinagbidahan ni Dolphy... ehehehe... napanood ko rin..

    Kiko: kaw hah... sumbong kita kay Joker...

    @Arvin: nyeheheh... Uu.. sa forum palang... astig na siya.. ehehhe


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