Monday, April 11, 2011

Erik Mana

I have been waiting for this moment, At last ERIK MANA is back, the waits is almost over, His back, The Mastermind is on the road once again to make you BELIEVE in the craft called MAGIC.

Some years ago, I was sitting in front of our Television Watching a Filipino Guy doing the craft, I thought before, only Americans can do it, but I was so wrong and at the same time fascinated with him, his way and approach are so smooth and could really differentiate him from the rest.

He is the reason why I am practicing MAGIC right now, because of him, I keep on dreaming that one day I could also have my own TV Special Like him, or maybe I could also show off my talent on the street and make people once again BELIEVE in the world of MAGIC. 

I am so excited to see his new MAGIC.

Ever since he was a child, Erik Mana has been practicing Magic, in 1989 Erik Mana began his professional magic career in Canada, he was an apprenticed for three years, traveling across the country with some well known Canadian’s Professional Magician. 

In 2001 Erik Mana moved back to the Philippines and begun his quest in Magic in his own country,  he become an instant phenomenon, he has already two TV special , Stranger and Mastermind, these two TV special is considered to be the first Magic TV Special who featured Filipino Magician.

Erik Mana is also a member of the world’s prestigious magic society called (The Society of American Magician), whose member include Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone Jr., Thurston, Lance Burton and David Copperfield.

The name Erik Mana is not just name but a pride to the Philippines, he is truly a world class and truly a great Magician.

Here it is

Erik Mana’s 2011 Magic Teaser

I just found this video over the YouTube, and also I heard this news from the magic forum of TSC , hope that the rumors are true, I want to see him doing MAGIC once more. Everyone is wanting him to be back in track.

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  1. lahat nagtatanong papano yon ginagawa.abg galing.

  2. the best pilipino magician yan sa eric! Astig pa pumorma..

  3. sawa na akong makakita ng mga magic na pineperform sa mga party.. pero BILIB na BILIB ako sa mga street magic na nakikita ko... sa TV man or sa personal... Sa malls nga sa ngayon, may mga nagdedemo na din ng parang mga street magic and they even sell those stuffs and teach people how to do a simple trick...

    Team leader ko din sinampolan kami.. astig!! ahaha


    Sana makasalubong ko siya sa daan... waaah!

  5. tulo laway ko sa vid ah? May trick ba ang mind reading? parang gusto ko tuloy i-research. na-amaze ako. sana one day maging ganyan ka AL. para magka roon naman ako kakilalang sikat. hehe..

  6. OMG panu yun nggwa??? hahahah papaturo nga ako kay Alakim ng magic, hahaha

    gudluck sa pgaaral mo ng magic kuya Al

  7. ang galing niya.. amazing!!

  8. hanga talaga ako sa mga magician.....lalo na kay Alakim..

  9. kagalang-galang na magician suot pa lang pamatay na pero ang kinaiinis ko walang youtube dito at hindi ako makapanood. grrrrrrrrrr.!!! comment ako ulit maya pag napanood ko na, in the meantime babalikan ko muna yung iba mong post, okiya?

  10. Tama na yang pagaaral nag magic asan ka na Al.TAo POOOOOOOOOO!


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