Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Man of Steel

Henry Cavill

I heard that they are planning to do a new Superman Movie, well that’s great, I just hope this time they will do it correctly, starting from the costume of Superman to the story line, honestly speaking the last Superman Movie entitled Superman Return starring Brandon Routh wasn’t that impressive.

1st The Cape - it should be RED not scarlet RED, and it should be light not heavy.

2nd The Tights – it should not be ROUND NECK, it must be something like large Round, something like a Sabrina style.

3rd The “S” – ok there is no problem with the new style of the Superman Signature Logos but at least make it a little larger than it was.

4th The Trunks – it’s like a boxer short.

5th The Belt – ok, I like the Belt specially with S on it, I used to draw Superman like that. Ehehehhe..

6th The BOOTS – High Cut Boots with no hills that’s what Superman wears.

All in all I think they need a 95% major renovation on the Superman Costume.

I also heard that they already have a new torch bearer for the new Superman Installation, and that guy is Henry Cavill (ok what do I know about him? NONE), I just heard that he is the first choice to play Edward for the Movie Adoption of Twilight. Ok I don’t have a problem with that, I think he is more interesting than Brandon Routh (Oh Excuse me for those who Ador him) I like Bradon Routh but it’s just that he is not the type of Superman thing, I admit he has a resemblance of the late Christopher Reeves, and most of the critics and expert in anime said that he really has the great look and portrayal of the official Superman CGI, But for me he doesn’t really born to be the Superman Icon, maybe because I grew up watching Christopher Reeves as Superman, for me Superman must have the real gentleman look, someone you can really count on, masculine with strong personality not a boyish looks, this is why for me Brandon Roth is not the type of Superman, he is too sweet to be the MAN OF STEEL.

Zack Snyder to direct the New Superman?

That's cool, Zack Snyder is the Director of 300, Watchmen and one of my ever favorite Horror movie Dawn of the Dead, I don’t have any problem with him, I just hope he’ll correct the mistake done from the previous Superman Movies, and I believe in him, most specially he said that they are doing everything they could to make the movie realistic.

Ok. Christopher Nolan, The brain behind the Batman Begins and The Dark Knights, yeah, another of the cool aspect why we have to wait for the new Superman Movies.

As a kid I grew up watching Superman from Cartoon to live action, I remember my Aunt would bring me to the Theater to watch Superman, I can even remember some of the lines when Superman and Lois Lane first meet up.

Lois Lane Fell from a crashing Helicopter then came Superman to the rescue.

Lois Lane is shout while on mid air “Eiieaaaaahhhhhh”

Superman smiling “Ooopppss I got you!!”

Lois Lane “You me!!! Who Got you?”

Yeahhhh… Cool…

I am excited to watch this new Superman Movie. I really hope and whish that this time they’ll make it right.


1. What is Superman’s Real Name?

Answer: Kal-El

Wrong!!! His real name is Efren.

After they flew Lois Lane asked him “What is your name?” Superman then replied “Efren” ehehhe. But that was only a joke I remember from my childhood, what Superman really said was “A Friend”.

2. Gorge Reeves was the first to portrait Superman, The Television Show lasted for 20 years.

3. Christopher Reeves was the first to portrait in the first Movie version of Superman and was aslo the tallest of them all, stand at 6'3-6'4.

4. Tom Willing is the second Tallest. 6'2

5. Bradon Routh was the second one to portarit Superman in the Movie version and was also the 3rd Tallest. 6'1

6. I think Henry Cavill is the 4th tallest. 6' and a half. (I am not sure)

7. The first edition of Superman Comics is that, Clark Kent was a product of an human experimentation, he   was given the power to be able to jump higher the the Empire state building, stronger the 10 men and faster than the horse... they later change the story of Superman on the second edition.

The New Superman Movie is schedule to launch anytime next year (2012).


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Thank you for reading.



  1. Al... hahah napaka-super critique naman ng post na ito.. niyahahha.. super nung napanuod ko yung superman.. na inlove ako.. hahah di ko napansin mga napansin sa post na ito.. siguro dahil di naman ako ganun ka fan ni super man :)

  2. @Kamil: ahhahaha.... nilakasan lang ang loob... para magawa yan... actually madami dyan negative.. inalis ko... ahahhaha... ayaw ko rin kasi maging critics talaga...

  3. hindi ka naman super friend ni superman at tlgang detalyeng detalye! hehe... Maka-spiderman kasi ako batman, never pa ata ako nakanuod ng superman, kasi napag-iiwanan ako..haha...titanic nga di ko pa napapanuod.. hehe

  4. ahahaha... Fanatic din ako ni Spiderman.. thanks at binigyan mo ako ng Idea.. kung ano ang susunod kong blog... tungkol kay spiderman man naman.... si Andrew Garfied nga pala ang gaganap...

  5. dapat e-contact ka nila para aprobahan mo ang new costumes at everything sa new superman, kaya nga may new eh..LOL...:)) mas kilala mo si superman kaysa kanila..:))

  6. ako, kahit na anong gawin nila sa "NEW" superman, kahit lagyan pa nila ng SUNGAY at BUNTOT...hehehe..tayos lang kasi NEW e. hindi ko ibabase sa dati kasi, luma un at NEW ito. pero ang powgggiii ng bagong superman ah..

  7. @Akoni: Uu tama ka.. NEW nga.. as in NEW SUPERMAN MOVIE.... hindi NEW SUPERMAN Costume... kaya nga sa Forum.. noon. naalala ko.. samot-saring bato ang natamo ni Brian Singer eh... at hindi nila naabot ang inaasahan nilang gross income.. actually hindi na gagawin ng WB ang superman ulit.. dahil sa nangyari sa Superman Return.. kaso nagpumilit si Christopher Nolan... at dahil sa si Christopher Nolan din ang brain sa Batman Begins at Dark Knights.. eh pinagbigyan na... ehehhehe

  8. hindi ko naman binabase sa luma.. pero binabase ko lang sa original Costume... yung totoong Costume niya... hindi ako sanay makakita ng superman na Scarlet Red ang kulay ng Cape niya at Trunks niya... kahit sa cartoon... Red parin ang makikita mo..

    tulad ng Batman.. fanatic ako sa Cartoon.. until now... pero never sa Movie.. kasi naging Armor ang suot niya at super black to the max lahat.. eh Gray kaya ang suot niya sa cartoon...

    wala lang... yun lang... kanya-kanya lang yan... kaya nga hindi na nila kinuha ulit si Brian Singer eh... kasi nga di nila nagustuhan ang Versionna ginawa nila...

  9. ngayon ko lang napansin ang mga napuna mo sa costume ni SuperMan. Mamaya e gogoogle ko si superman para makita ito.wala kasi akong pakiaalam kong sino man ang gumanap basta maganda ang mga effects.So Tom W at itong bagong gaganap mukhang magkamukha sila. mahirap talagang palitan ang original man of steel.

  10. Awww.. Brandon Routh wasn't that bad. hehehe... Obvious bang Routh fan ako? hehe...

    Anyway, I think he did a good job naman.. expecially when he played the CK part. He has the very same goody-goody Clark smile, like Christopher Reeve had. Para nga silang pinagbiyak na bunga. And his portrayal of the hero.. it was good naman. For me.. brandon Routh did a good of portraying CK as well as the man of steel. Magkaiba lang tayo ng opninyon. hehe.. To each his own.

    I'm kinda more disappointed in the Lois Lane and Lex Luthor characters. The Lois I know is more... assertive, more determned.. more aggresive. Medyo hindi yata aggressive yung Lois Lane na naipakita sa recent movie. And Lex Luthor.. he's supposed to be more... evil, smarter, meaner... and all he came up with is to make an island?!? he should have thought about stealing the worlds nuclear bombs, and blowing up France or Germany or something.. hehe.. I dunno, medyo nakulangan lang ako. hehe.. Of course, I have outmost respect for Kevin Spacey. it must be the writer's fault. haha..

    Anyway, the suit.. hmm.. tama ka sa color. Ibang-iba sya.It should have been redder. I mean, the superman dones on the red, yellow and blue costume. Siguro, isa na rin dun ang type of material na giamit. Yung recent Superman kasi, the cape looked like rubberized cotton.. at parang ambigat tingnan.

    Anyway, medyo mahaba na tong comment ko. Hihi.. I'm not a movie critic, pero madalas.. mahilig lang akong maghanap ng mga flaws and such. Observant lang masyadow.. :D

    Dumaan! :)))))

  11. Kaabang abang ang pelikula ulit patungkol kay superman.......

  12. @Mond: yeah.. tama ka.. mahirap na nga talagang palitan ang man of steel.. mahirap lampasan ang ginawa ni Christopher Reeves.. eehehhe at uu magkamukha nga talaga sila si TW...

    @Leah: thanks for the comment... indeed Brandon Routh really did a good job in the movie, I am not against that.. eheheh... I like him specially when he say "Well, I hope this experience hasn't put any of you off flying. Statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel." sarap niyang kagatin... ehehehe... regarding naman sa Island Thing.. nakuha yun ni Brian Singer sa isang comic book ng Superman.. I think.. title nun ay the new krypton.. I dont know.. i am not sure about that story.. havent read any superman comics since my high school.. eheheheh..

    @Arvin: sabay tayo mag abang.. ehehehhe...

  13. nakita mo ung pinakaunang costume ni superman? gusto mo ibalik don?LOLOL ang saka na..haha..walang constants sa life. "ching!!!!" sa batman kahit n ano gawin nila yun, like and love ko..saka alm nila mga ginagawa nila!!!

  14. And when you say NEW superman...kasama na doon lahat...pati costume, hindi na kailangan e-qoute pa na new superman not included the costume. :)))))))))))

  15. Ahhhh ganon ba AKONI? eh di ikaw na ang magaling... ikaw na si Superman.... ahahhahha

  16. kuya al...nalabas naman po ang comment nio e..hehe..

  17. Jhengpot? hah? anong nalabas? ehehheh

  18. I watched the Superman series when I was in High School pero yung mga napanood kong movies hindi ko na matandaan. akalain mong mapansin mo pa ang suot ni Superman? Apply ka kaya sa magazines Al, serious ako.

    Mas tanda ko yung movies ni Batman pero kung ang gaganap na next spider man ay si Andrew Garfield, sus aabangan ko yun, mas okay yung role niya na yun kesa bestfriend ni Mark Zuckerberg sa movie na social network.

    HIndi ko tanda mga gumanap sa movies na superman pero ang matatandaan ko simula ngayon ay EFREN and pangalan niya....hahaha...EFREN...EFREN.

  19. ahahahha... EFREN ka dyan? anong EFREN? ehehhe... windang na ako... anyway... Uu... tama ka... kasama nga siya sa Social Network... siya si Fernando duon... ehehhe... alam mo bang tatlong araw ko yan pinanood.. kasi nga... mahina ang Net namin... kaya pina buff ko siya ng pinabuff... what makes thing funny is... pagkatapos ko panoorin.. ayun lumakas ang net namin at may nagdownload na... na clear pa... anak ng... kaya pinanood ko ulit,....

  20. Windang ka na nga. Nabasa ko yan dun sa Superman post mo baliw.... balikan mo yung jokes mo sa taas ----> hahaha! Gwapo ni Andrew no mas bagay siyang spiderman kesa Fernando pero okay din naman siya dun! ang tyaga mo naman mag-buff ng movie kung ako yun matutulog na lang ako kesa maghintay. hehehe....tamadins :)

  21. parang walang magawa al kaya binabalikan ko ang ilang post mo. Itong si akoni talaga kahit saan nakakatawa.wala lang aliw na aliw lang magbasa ng mga comment like yong comment ni leah.


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