Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music and Lyrics 005: Heaven Knows – Rick Price

A Valentines Entry

This is one of my favorite song ever written, I think I was 1st year high-school when it hits the radio stations, it is indeed one of the most meaningful song for me and it really mean a lot to me, I was having this last song syndrome (LSS) with this song, I been singing the chorus part of it for 3 days now, I don’t know why, I just love too.

I was 1st year High School when I met this girl, she is one of the most beautiful girls in our campus, and she was my classmates, a lot of guys turn on to her every time they saw her, I really like her eyes and her voice, we easily became friends, we had a good days, but just after sometime, she wasn’t able to attend our class, from days it turn to weeks, from weeks it turn to months, then just before we lose hope we heard that she’s in the hospital, she is sick, by that time, I am not yet allowed to go out alone, so I wasn’t able to visit her, it was a month or two after we heard about her conditions when we learned that she already passed away, I was depress, nobody knows that, I had a feelings for her but eventually never had the chance to tell her.

Many years had passed I met another girl again, a girl that would play one of the biggest role in my life, a girl who would occupied a big space in my heart, I was a collage-freshmen in a very known I.T School when I met her, we easily became friends, classmates and seatmates, I told her I like her, she told me she likes me too, we became lovers and partners in crime since then, we had a great relationship, until she met this one handsome man, she easily fall for this guy, after almost 9-10 years, from being friends to lovers she would tell me she’s dumping me, I cried out loud, I was in my most darkest hour, “My friends keep telling me, that if you really love her, you've gotta set her free and if she returns in time, I'll know she's mine”, “But tell me, where do I start, 'Coz it's breakin' my heart, I don't wanna let her go”.

What else could we do, if someone wanna say good bye to us, there is nothing we can do but to let them go, I admit I was scared and everything, frighten and traumatized, I don’t wanna feel that kind of pain again, it’s hard, its miserable, it’s the kind of feeling that you don’t wanna feel, I was praying and hoping that she would comeback, everyday’s and every night I waited for her wishing you would return, I longed for her kisses and hugs, I am slowly melting down, burning like a candle, bleeding inside and out, I felt so lost, all the melancholies and heartaches I suffered it all, I wanted to run and hide into my most comfortable zone and that is her arm, I wanna tell her I was scared, that every time I act so brave I’m shakin’ inside but I know she wouldn’t mind, she’s no longer mine, somebody owns her heart, she could never be mine and all I can do is hope & pray 'Coz heaven knows.

And then I realized, I am falling back, all my dreams are fading, I had to do something before its too late, then I started to fix my self, I started to pick up the pieces, I build my life again, and Alhamdullillah (Praise to God) I am slowly learning to stand up again, I am slowly regaining the missing piece, I am learning to smile again, you see ladies and gentlemen, the secret of letting go is acceptance, the secret to happiness is contentment, jealousy usually comes after you compare, I had lived in despair, that I almost forgot how to smile and almost lose my faith in GOD ALLAH, but eventually GOD ALLAH has plan for me, he molded me into something I am not, he(ALLAH) brought me to life again, he(ALLAH) showed me the way, now here I am smiling at last…. Happy and contented, still single but ready to mingle… nyeheheheheh…. Happy Valentines Every-One…..

Here a song from Rick Price

Heaven Knows

She’s always on my mind,
From the time i wake up
’till I close my eyes
She’s everywhere i go
She’s all I know

Though she’s so far away
it’s just keeps getting stronger
every day
and even now she’s gone
I’m still holding on

so tell me where do Istart
’cause it’s breaking my heart
don’t wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come back some day
Only heaven knows
and maybe our hearts will find their way
Only heaven knows
and all I can do is hope and pray
’cause heaven knows

My friends keep telling me
that if you really love her
You’ve gotta set her free
and if she returns in kind
I’ll know she’s mine

So tell me where do i start
’cause it’s breaking my heart
Don’t wanna let her go


Why I live in despair
’cause wide awake or dreaming
I know she’s never there
and all these time i act so brave
I’m shaking inside
why does it hurt me so…


Heaven knows



  1. fav ko din yan kantahin dati nung highschool palang ako! hehehe

    1. ako rin... I think 1991 yun or 1992 ng lumabas ito... ehehehe.. sobrang fave ko ito.. till now...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. eto talaga ang pinaka fave ko of all. di naman maxadong halata sa blog ko. hehehe

    highschool ako nung naging favorite ko toh. nung una akong mabigo sa aking first lab.

    1. unang mabigo talaga sa first lab hah ...ahahaha.. yan din ang dahilan kung bakit kita finallow sa blog mo e no... ehehehehe.... dahil sa t5ag line mong 'Coz heaven knows. super fave ko ito e no... pati ng Heaven Knows.. I've done know wrong.. I only want to sing this song... ahahah.. to you... Line to Heaven pala titol nun...

    2. I've done no wrong" pala yun hindi I've done know wrong... ehehehhe

  4. beautiful song.. Happy bday Al. I watched showtime kanina sa studio and I can't help na maalala ka, pag nakikita ko si anne.. hehe.. alam ko super like mo kasi sya. Tapos si twin sis naman naalala ko kay karylle.

    Anyway, about your post. Sabi nga nila everything happens for a reason. Kung minsan kailangan natin pagdaanan ang mga pinagdaanan natin para matuto at maging malakas. isa pa, hindi naman talaga magahalaga yung mga taong minahal natin dati, kasi ang purpose lang nila, maging intrumento para matuto tayo. Ang mahalaga yung huling taong mamahalin natin at magmamahal sa atin habangbuhay. Naks...

    Happy Vday kaibigan!

    1. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... sa studio talaga???? as in sa ABS talaga.... huwaaaaaaaaaaa... sige ba... pag uwi ko.. samahan mo ako... please......


      ty sa mga sweet words... ahahhaha.. so true ang mga sinabi mo teh,... ikaw na....

  5. nakaka trauma naman yong namatay.Heaven knows na lang talaga ang crush mo dahil umalis na ng di mo man lang nasabi.

    Wala yatang taong di gusto ang kantang ito.Sobrang ganda ng lyrics kasama mo si God sa lahat.

    1. salamat sa pagdalaw sa bahay ko... Uu tama ka Mond... wala atang taong hindi trip ang kantang iyan.. ehehhee... dahil sa magandang lyrics niya at mensahe.....

  6. dami mo na palang pinagdaang sa larangan ng pagibig kuya. uhm..buti naman ok ka na ngayon. di ko na alam sasabihin ko, happy valentines day na lang po =D

    1. Superjaid... thanks.... sa pagdalaw sa bahay ko.. eheheh... di naman marami.. konti lang ang karanasan ko no.. eheheh....

  7. Wala akong masabi. Alam mo na kung bakit, symepre nakarelate ako sa experience mo. Siguro kung pinost mo to year 2009 malamang bumaha na ng luha dito pero I'm glad you posted it this time, cause I came to appreacite the song more. BAck then ayaw ko kaya makarinig ng love songs, sinumpa ko mga love stories, at nawala sa vocabulary ko ang word na love.

    Buti na lang 2012 na. Kaya let's be happy. KKK?

    1. ahaha... sey... I have a very good blog about sa pagsumpa sa love na yan... ahahaha... buti na lang binanggit mo.. mapost nga... hanapin ko sa office ko...

    2. sige post mo dali. sinumpa talaga and love eh no. Buti talaga 2012 na.

  8. di ko ata to alam...hehehe.palibhasa'y walang alam sa mga ganyan....

  9. i love the way you write :) and I wish you can see the best women, who can take care of you forever :D


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