Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facebook & Fake Account

Must read!!!

This is important to all Facebook users...

Internet security and privacy, how important these things to you, are we safe in Facebook, do we have the options to report any malicious things going on in our Facebook account, if we does, how long would Facebook resolve this problem once we reported this to them.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh… .. .

Just recently I found out that someone hop in to my Facebook account and steal some of my pictures then created an account under my name, he/she has been messing up with my identity through that Facebook account, I really don’t have any ideas of who this person is, I am just nobody, I am just AL who has a lot of dreams, hopes and prayers, I am a peace loving person, I don’t want any troubles in life.

Please be informed that I am only using 1 account in Facebook and that account is “Ninju Musingan”, please be aware that anything you receive from this fake account like false statement, embarrassing status, bad message, harassment, nude pictures, mean post, etch… etch… etch… is not from me, I will never put myself to any troubles, shameful act, dishonest and inappropriate manners, I have tried to be good citizens ever since I was a child, I will never post any bad words or quotes in my FB account, I never had a fist fight with anyone, I have never pushed nor drew a punch to anybody, I am fun to be with, a good person and most of all a nice friend, a friend that you can defend, I will be here if you need help, a moral help for an instant.

Please be informed that this Facebook account is fake, I am not angry to the person who did this to me, but I can’t help myself but to laugh, I mean, I am nobody, I am not rich, famous nor handsome, I am just nothing compared to any other people, but why is there such person who will love to do this kind of act to me, who am I to deserved this.

Anyway, I already sent a message to this fake account begging him/her to please disable or delete this Facebook account with my pictures on it, I am hoping that he/she will do that, meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to give a message to my haters if there is still one out there, IF YOU ARE ANGRY WITH ME, please contact me right away so that we can settle things down, I am willing to be humble and ask for apologies if I have wronged you or hurt your feelings, please help me to become a good man, I am willing to listen to anybody who wants to help me, if you thought that I have done things that hurt your feelings and ego just inform me, so that I could ask for some apologies, I am a man with a good heart, I really want to become humble as I could, please help me to do so for my success is in your hand, lastly, to all who cares about me, please be nice to the person who did this to me.

This is the fake account:

Please try to help me report this fake account to Facebook Admin…

On his account click Report/Block, a pop-up will appear then choose from it the options that said “This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake” then from the type data choose “Pretending to be someone I know”

This is my only and will always be my Facebook account:

I may not be the best person in this world, but I can still be one of your best friends.     -          AL Diwallay



  1. binura na po ata niya di ko na makita eh. anyway..bonga ka na kuya may hater ka na eh yun na lang isipin mo hehehe

    1. Uu na delete na nga... ahahah... salamat talaga... I am not sure if it is the Facebook Admin who did this... or he/she just disable it... but anyhow... grabe.. windang ako sa ginawa niya... di ko magets kung bakit ako ginawan ng fake facebook account.... I mean... sino ba ako para gawan ng ganun.. di naman ako artista o singer... ahahahahha

  2. mommy razz.. kaw po pala eto... ehehehhe... musta po... ano na po ba nangyari sa inyo... ahahahha....


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