Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Classic Pass

The Classic Pass – it is one of the oldest card sleights ever invented, and considered to be one of the most important techniques, the classic pass is older than any man alive today, it was first describe in the mid-18th century, then in 1876 it illustrated in Hoffman‘s Modern Magic, since then the classic pass has become an essential to card sleights, it has many variation, some of these are called, jiggle pass, riffle pass, brick pass and so on and so forth.

In my video, I used a little of jiggle pass and my personal touch to the pass, I first learned this technique way back 2005, but I only begun practicing it last November 2011, I was looking for new staff when I remember this move, so I immediately grab my deck and begun practicing.

The Classic Pass – once done correctly is considered to be one of the most invisible card sleights, it is also an effective card controls, manipulations, and sometime can also be used as color change, the classic pass is an angle prone, so you must know your right angle, and is done without notice.

After several months of practicing... I finally got the guts to upload it... I know it’s not yet polished and smooth... but still I uploaded it... because I know this is the only way for me to know if I improved or not, your comment really mean a lot.

So here it is. (Sorry for the poor quality)...

The Classic Pass

Thank you for watching.


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