Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011)

10 years ago, when I saw the first Spy Kids, starring Antonio Banderras, Carla Gurino as Mr. and Mrs. Cortez and the original Spy Kids Alexa Vega as Carmen Cortez and Daryl Sabara as Juni Cortez, 10 years later the star of that movie are now grown up, Alexa Vega is now turning 23 tomorrow August 27,201, She was married on October 10, 2010 to producer Sean Covel, in a ceremony held in his hometown of Lead, South Dakota. She wore an Ian Stuart gown and was walked down the aisle by Robert Rodriguez (Director and creator of Spy Kids), while Daryl Sabara in the other hand is now 19 years old and He appeared in the 2010 movie Machete, as well as in the MTV movie "Worst. Prom. Ever." which premiered Tuesday, May 10, and will co-star in 2012's John Carter of Mars.

So now that the two World’s best Spy Kids are now grown up, OSS needed to recruit a new one to replace our two heroes.

10 years after the success of first Spy Kids, OSS finally have come across the line to meet agent  Rowan Blanchard as Agent Rebecca Wilson and Mason Cook as Agent Cecil Wilson, they are the step childrens of Melisa Wilson (Jessica Alva) the wife of Wilbur Wilson  (Joel McHale) and also the sister of Ingrid Cortez (Carla Gugino).

Jessica Alva (middle) with the original Spy Kids Alexa Vega (left) and Daryl Sabara (right)
For me the new Spy Kids movie is not just about a kid trying to save the world before bed time, it is not about 3D  or 4D and Effects, it’s not just about the coolest gadgets you could ever had, it’s not just about beating the bad guys, but for me it’s all about “TIME”, from the title itself “SPY KIDS: All the time in the world”, it somehow show’s us or teach us how to value time, it teach us to do now what you can do today and do not wait for tomorrow because we are really running out of time in no time, it’s about spending time with our love ones because life is so short, to spend time wisely, it also teach us to listen to our parents or elderly for they have more experience than us, it teach us to work together and not against each other.

The New Spy Kids Movie is about a bad guy trying to go back in time to be with his Dad, when he was a little boy, he was trapped accidentally in a time travelling machine, because he was hard headed, his father told him not to play in the lab, be he didn’t listen, then one they during the run down of the experiment, he was accidentally trapped inside the time machine for several years, he have witness how his Dad grow old and die.

When he escaped from the time machine, he stole the necklace containing the fallen sapphire stone from outside the planet, because it’s the only thing that could stop the time machine called Armageddon Device, it’s the only thing that could stop him from going back time to be his father, the worse thing is the necklace happened to be owned by Rebbeca Wilson.

"Waste not your time, lost riches can be recover but time wasted never return"

And that’s how the story begins.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg and G+ Games

I really don’t know what makes it pretty special to see some famous personalities in your friends list or following list of your Social Media Account. Like for Example in my Twitter account I often see Anne Curtis (Filipina Actress) updating her fans through her Twitter Account or Alessandra De Rossi for instant she always teasing Smokey Manaloto  (Both are from Philippine Showbiz) in Twitter.

But for the two of now best Social Media, it is something amazing to see your rival to sign up to your website.

I mean.

Everybody knows that Mark Zuckerberg  is the creator of Facebook and has admitted that he has G+ account, he signed up with G+ but never updated his account, not even once, but what makes it funny is that G+ admits that Mark Zuckerbergk has the most number of following, even though he doesn’t update his account. Paul Allen (not the Microsoft co-founder) in the other hand, he only has about some 23000 followers in his G+ account.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

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Just about a week ago, G+ has updated their Social Media, they already included Games as one of the options and service of their site, a lot of people has already tried playing some of the games.

Awhile ago, I was surprised to see Mark Zuckerbergk has also tried playing some of the Google Plus Games, I was like WOW!!! It’s Mark Zuckerberg playing here in G+. although I was thinking that maybe he just tried some of the games in G+ for him to have some Idea on how he can make Facebook much interesting than G+…

Well I don’t have problems if Mark Zuckerberg will play or update his G+ account.. Anyway he just human… and a very tough competitor. And just like what the old quotes says “Keep your friends close - hold your enemies closer”…

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

G + G = Google Plus Games

"And they already included games to G+ as an option if you get bore in reading the updates of your circle.... hmmmmm..... It’s not a surprise..... facebook is getting worse now.. Hope G+ will maintain its simplicity.... but at least they have Angry Birds..... ehehehe"

Finally G+ have launched the G+ Games, although they already offered these in Google Chrome, but G+ is still different story, I notice yesterday night the new button near the circle button in my profile and when I clicked it, it gives me the option to play games.

I was not surprised because I am expecting this to happened in no time, but what make me amazed is that, G+ manage to maintain its simplicity, although they included games on their Social Media site, they still manage to keep it simple and well organized than facebook.

City of Wonder

Zynga's Poker Face

I tried playing two of the games they are catering now, one is “City of Wonder” and the other one is “Zynga’s Poker Game”, the first one is about building your empire, the logic of the game is same as usual, you have to build your own city "to build your civilization", but this time they base it in a more primitive theme, and that’s what make it more interesting, Zynga’s Poker in the other hand, hmmm... this need no further explanation, itself explained based on the title of the game itself. By the way, Facebook's Zynga's Poker is banned here in Saudi Arabia, but this one with G+ oh yeah!!! It's not yet banned.

G+ is really making a big remark in Social Media, aside from being the most fastest growing Social Media, they now served to be an example on how simplicity means is, but of course no one can beat Twitter. Hahahahaha. But with a one stop social media, G+ is now one of the best.

I wish Google could really maintain their simplicity, urghhh!!!! facebook is becoming worse and worse now.... just like what Moks said it’s now becoming the mini version of eBay, I agree, I hate when people is tagging me for an item they being sold, urghhhh. Perhaps it’s really hard to control the limitation of the site, I remember Friendster back in the old days.

Anyway that’s all for now.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Believe: the magik of erik mana

Bumalik na nga si Erik Mana... .. .

It has been like four months since I heard that Erik Mana is back on the street to show his amazing skills and talent in magic, but yet due to lack of knowledge about the show, I am not sure if this rumors are for TV or for one of his live shows in Broadway Theater.

I am too excited to see him performing magic again, so I had wished that this one would be for TV Special and yes... GOD heard and answered my prayers, becuase finally, "HE IS BACK"... 

"Believe: the magik of erik mana"
TV Specials @ ABS-CBN, 10:45pm
August 14,2011

Here are the trailer for the much awaited Magic Special of him.

First Trailer

Second Trailer

Cardistry Trailer

BELIEVE: the magik of erik mana

Erik Mana's third installment of his magic TV specials will air on ABS CBN on Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 10:45pm.

'Believe' will feature Erik Mana's latest  magical explorations including cardistry and Hellstromism. Also part of the show are some of Erik's friends who will display their own skillful talents in mnemonics, cardistry and street magik. 

Don't miss this long awaited show, from the Philippines' Premier Magician, Erik Mana.

You may Also catch him at this date:

My other Blog about him... .. .

weow!!! can't wait...

Thank you...


Friday, August 12, 2011

Luha: Minsan pa

Gawa ko

Opisyal na kalahok sa patimpalak ni Iya_Khin

Maraming salamat sa pagbabasa.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (Review)

It has been a week or two since I saw the new Captain America Movie, after watching it I can say that it wasn’t really a movie at all but just a teaser and a preview of who he really was and how he became the symbol of patriotism, the movie was just a theatric premier of his past, Captain America is an American Soldier who was given a chance to serve his country during the World War II and was frozen many times in order to be preserved and awaken if we needs his help.

I really like the costume of Captain America, instead of a tights they make it something like a leather suit to which for me really matched every scene of Chris Evan wearing the Captain America Costume, the producer said, the reasons for this because tights are not yet available during WWII (World War II) and he is a Marines, so he must wear something like a leather suit in order to fit in to every scene.

There is this one scene where Chris Evan rune after the villain who stole the Super Soldier Serum which develop his Body and Physical skills, he was wearing a semi-fit hanging white shirts and a pants which is about 10-15 inches higher to his ankle, there is a lot of criticism I’ve read about this scene, there is one who said that, hanging shirt is not yet the fashion of the late 1940’s so why they let Chris Evan wears like this, but in the movie it was explained well, why he was wearing that kind of cloths, that scene was taken after his body and muscles was enhanced by the scientist to become a Super Soldier, he grew up taller than his original height in the movie, that is why his pants is shorter for him.

I really like the movie from beginning to ending, it was fun and exciting for me, but sad to say, they did not really focus on the life and story of Captain America during 1940’s, they immediately killed the main villain or Red Skull, although I am not really sure if he was already dead or not, and also they killed Bucky too, Bucky is supposed to be his side kick as per the Captain America Comic Book but just like Red Skull, everything is not really clear weather Bucky is really dead or not, because in the Marvel Civil War Bucky was accused of assassinating Captain America.

I also like the idea that power stark appears in the movie, and for your information, Power Stark is the father of Iron Man Tony Stark.

Stan Lee again made a cameo role in the film (which he always does in every Marvel Film). He was sitting and waiting for Captain America to come out, and he said to the guy sitting right beside him “I thought he was taller?”

Above all that, they ended right away the story of Captain America during the WWII, just like what I said this isn’t really a movie but just a teaser, during the last scene of the movie, a plane where Captain America is aboard crushed landed to snow somewhere in Alaska and Captain America was frozen for 70 years, and when he woke up it was already the year 2011.

The fact that he was frozen right away only indicates that they are no longer planning to make a sequel for Captain America and that the movie was just really a preparation for the upcoming 2012 Movie “The Avengers” and also Marvel is not planning to make a stand alone movie for any of the members of The Avengers Teams, they said that this will be the last. (Hmmmm… Truly? I remember Walt Disney said that “Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds End”, will be the last film for that movie).

I am excited to watch The Avengers.

Thank you for Reading. I'm AL Diwallay the last Avenger....


Monday, August 8, 2011

A Blast From The Past.....


Wala akong magawa… sinubukan ko na namang hanapin sa Google o kaya sa Yahoo ang sarili ko, madalas ko itong gawin, natutuwa kasi ako na pwede mo nang mahanap sa Net ang sarili mo eh, pwede ka nang makakuha ng mga impormasyon tungkol sa pagkatao mo, kaya naman halos every other month eh ginagawa kong libangan ang hanapin sa Google ang iyong sarili.

At ito ang aking natunghayan.

Sa aking paghahanap, nagulat ako dahil merong bagong inihanda para sa akin si Mr. Google, isang URL na pamilyar na pamilyar sa akin, nang mabasa ko ang URL ADD eh talagang natuwa ako, ito na ang URL add ng aking Lumang Home Page, probably masluma pa sa mga blog niyong lahat. Mas luma pa sa Friendster at Facebook.

HOME PAGE: ano nga ba ito, ito ang personal website kung tawagin, early 90’s ng maging publicly and commercially available ang Internet, at sa mga panahong ito ay may katigasan na ang ulo ko, kaya naman laman ako parati ng Internet CafĂ©, nakikipag chat sa mga chatters ng Dalnet sa mIRC.

Una akong natutunong gumawa ng Website noong 1998, walang nagturo sa akin, self exploration lang talaga ang ginwa  ko at ang unang nagawa ko eh itong Home Page na ngang ito, mga pinagtagpitagping source code na nanenok ko pa sa ibang home page ng may home page, dati kasi, hindi pa uso ang Friendster na iyan, Facebook, twitter at kung ano ano pang mga social Media website, kaya ang paggawa ng Home Page ang kinakahiligan ng maraming bata noon, at isa na ako sa mga nakigulo sa world wide web. Napaka astig mo na kung may sarili kang homepage, allo na kung ikaw mismo ang gumawa, pwede ka nang magtayo ng sarili mong kulto at ikaw ang parokyano ng mga taga sunod mo.

Marami akong Home Page  na nagawa, pero lahat hindi ko natapos, dahil narin sa kakulangan ng kaalaman, kaya hindi ko natatapos ang mga ito, dahil na rin sa kabisihan ko sa paglalaro noon ng Quake at Half-Life, kaya di ko natatapos ang mga ito. At hangang ngayon, wala pa akong natatapos sa mga ginawa ko noon.

Pero masaya ako na muli kong masilayan ang homepage na ito, ang pinaka unang homepage na nagawa ko. Early months of 1998 ko po yan ginawa.

Feel free po sa pag bisita sa aking walang kwentang home page. At mag sign up na rin po kayo sa aking guess book.

Sayang nakalimutan ko na ang log in name ko dyan at password, hindi ko na siya maaayos, ngayon pa na napaka rami ko nang alam sa pag gawa ng home page at napakarami ko ng pwedeng ilagay, at saka naka block rin ang sa Saudi kaya di ko rin siya mabubuksan kapag di ako gumamit ng Tunnel, ito ang mahirap sa bansang ito, napakaraming site ang nakablock.

Ito pa po ang pinaka latest sa ginawa ko. January 2011.

Salamat sa pagbabasa


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Hundred B.C.

Tumutwo hundred post na po tayo…

Parang kailan ko lang minatyagaang punuin ang blog ko ng mga sangkatutak na post ng mga walang kakwenta-kwentang kwento, pero heto at tumutwo hundred post na tayo, may mga oras na tinatamad na akong magsulat, magbasa, magcomment, magreply sa mga comment, mag video blog, pero heto at naka dalawang daan na rin tayo sa wakas.

Nagpapasalamat ako ng marami sa mga taong kahit papaano eh nagaaksaya parin ng oras para sumilip sa aking munting tahanan, hindi ko na kayo papangalanan, kilala niyo na kung sino kayo, ehehehhe..

Anyway.. sana umabot pa ang blog ko sa 300 post.

Maraming samalat po sa pagbabasa.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nose Bleed

Saktong isang lingo na mula ng magkanose bleed ako, ALHAMDULLILLAH at mukhang  ok  na ako ngayon, sana tuloy-tuloy na ito, severe nose bleeding kasi ang nangyari sa akin, may kasamang blood clots ang dugo na lumalabas sa ilong ko, sobra ako natakot, kasi first time ko naranasan yun.

Kaya dahil dito, nag-simula akong magsaliksik kung ano nga ba ang dahilan ng pagdudugo ng ilong, at nalaman ko mula sa aking pag-aaral, kaya pala dumudugo ang ilong ng isang tao ay dahil sa sobrang paggamit niya ng wikang English… hindi nga bat pinatuyan na ito sa isa sa mga Pelikula ni Ruffa Mae Quinto? Joke.

May dalawang uri ng nose bleeding o Epistaxis.

Ito ay ang Anterior nosebleeds at Posterior nosebleeds, ang una ay ang pagdudgo ng ilong na nanggagaling sa mismong loob ng ilong natin, ito ay dahil sa ang mga blood vessel ng ilong natin ay nasusugatan kaya naman nagdudulot ito ng pagdugo ng ilong, madalas na dahilan ng pagdudugo nito o pagkasira nito ay ang pangungulangot, malakas na pagsinga ng sipon, dry climates (ayan English na naman), super cold climates (isa pa), kapag sobrang mainit o malamig ang paligid, natutuyo ang loob ng ilong natin at nagdudulot ito para mabreak out ang walls sa loob ng ilong natin, kung saan thin skin lang ang tumatakip sa mga blood vessel duon sa loob, kaya ito nagdudulot ng pagdurugo.

Ang ikalawa naman ay ang pagdurugo mula mismo sa pinakaloob-looban ng ilong natin o kaya sa likod mismo ng ilong natin, ito ang pinaka mahirap na bigyan ng lunas, at minsan kailangan pa nating mamahinga ng ilang araw sa ospital para mamonitor ang ating kalagayan, although hindi naman daw ito life threatening pero mas mainam narin ang mabantayn tayo ng doctor.

Isa rin sa mga nagdudulot ng pagdurugo ng ilong ay ang hyper tension, kapag mataas ang blood pressure natin, lumalakas din ang takbo nito, at karaniwan daw eh nagdudulot ito ng pagduro ng ilong.

Last time, nag magpacheck up ako, mataas daw talaga ako BP ko, kaya ako nagkahyper tension, kaya natakot naman ako ng husto, pero sabi ng doctor eh dapat daw ipag pasalamat ko pa ang nangyari dahil sa lumabas ang dugo at hindi nagtuloy-tuloy sa brain ko, kung hindi daw, baka ano pa daw ang masamang mangyari sa akin.

Below are just some showcases you can do when your nose is bleeding.

What Is the Treatment for A Common Nosebleed?

Most people who develop nose bleeding can handle the problem without the need of a physician if they follow the first aid recommendations below:

1.      Pinch all the soft parts of the nose together between your thumb and index finger.
2.      Press firmly toward the face - compressing the pinched parts of the nose against the bones of the face. 
3.      Lean forward slightly with the head tilted forward. Leaning back or tilting the head back allows the blood to run back into your sinuses and throat and can cause gagging or inhaling the blood. 
4.      Hold the nose for at least five minutes. Repeat as necessary until the nose has stopped bleeding.

Lagi po nating tatandaang pangalagaan ang ating sarili, at kapag nagkanose bleed man po kayo, huwag po kayo magpanic, umayos lang po kayo at sundin ang mga sumusunod na paunang lunas.

Salamat sa pagbabasa.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another 30 days Challenge.

Natapos ko na nga po ang 30 Days Picture Challenge, marami akong natutunang bagay sa challenge na ito, marami akong nadiskubre, nalaman ko na sa kabila ng lahat ng mapait na pinagdaanan ko sa buhay napakarami ko palang magagandang ala-ala na dapat ipag-pasalamat, mga masasayang ala-ala na napakasarap balikan, mahirap na madali ang challenge, mahirap kasi dapat araw-araw kang mag-update ng iyong blog para sa challenge, at saka kapag andun kana, hindi mo na alam kung ano ang ilalagay mong larawan, dahil napakarami pala nating nakatagong mga panaginip na gusto nating ulit-ulitin, tulad ng Day 2, gusto kong maranasan ulit yung takot sa panonood ng sine na walang kasamang guardian, gusto kong maranasan ulit manood ng Super wan tu tri na kasama ang tita ko at hawak hawak niya ang aking kamay.

Madali dahil napakasarap hugutin ng lahat ng pinagdaanan mo upang isalaysay, kahit na alam mong isa o dalawang tao lang ang nagbabasa ng blog mo o kaya kahit na hindi ka sigurado kung binabasa nga ba talaga ang mga sinusulat mo o hindi.

Pero lumipas na ang nakalipas, wala na tayong pwede balikan, tanging baon na lang natin ay mga masasayang ala-ala, huwag po sana nating kalimutan ang lumingon sa ating pinanggalingan upang hindi tayop madapa sa ating paroroonan.

Sa pagtatapos po ng 30 Days Challenge eh panibagong hamon naman ang nagbukas, isang hamon na kailangang tanggapin at harapin, isang hamon na obligasyon ng bawat Muslim, at dahil napapabilang ako sa mga kategorya ng hamon, kinakailangan kong harapin ito ng bukal sa puso, nag-umpisa po ito ngayong araw na ito, ito po ang Ramadan ang ika siyam na buwan sa kalendaryo ng Islam na tinatawag naming Hijra Calendar, kailangan po sa buwang ito ay taos puso kang mag-aayuno sa loob ng isang buwan sa ngalan ni Allah, at dahil sa ako’y meron pang malakas na pangangatawan at nasa tamang pagiisip pa, kailangan kong tugunan ang panawagan ni Allah, dahil wala akong magandang dahilan para hindi isagawa ang kayang kagustuhan.

Maraming salamat pos a pagbabasa.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 29 and Day 30 Picture Challenge.

Response to 30 Days Picture Challenge.

Para po sa Day 29 and 30, medyo pumalya po tayo... di po ako nakapag update ng aking blog, nagkaron po tayo ng isang maliit na problema na kailangan harapin. Kaya dahil dito, eh hindi tayo nakapag post ng blog natin.

Anyway ito na po siya.

Day 29- A picture of your favorite restaurant.

Medyo redundant na po siya, makailang beses ko na po ito sinabi, mababaw lang po akong tao, at makamasa po ako, ang pinaka paborito kong restaurant eh Jollibee, nasabi ko na poi to dito  at dito, favorite ko talaga ang burger steak nila, at paborito ko rin ang Chicken Joy nila, noong umalis ako, naging paborito ko rin ang Chicken Bar-B-Q nila.

Day 30- A picture of your countries flag and/or troops

Syempre, meron pa bang hihigit sa watawat ng Pilipinas, para sa akin, napakakulay ng ating bandila, kasing kulang na taglay nito, Pula, Puti at Bighaw, may Tatlong bituwin na sumisimbulo sa Mindanao, Luzon at Visayas, isang Araw na may walong bantayog sumisimbulo sa walong pangunahing lalawigan ng pinas, yun ay ang mga sumusunod Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga at Tarlac.

Kulang ang isang pahina kapag isasalaysay natin ang kwento sa likod ng watawat ng Pilipinas, kulang ang isang aklat upang mailarawan ang kahalagahan nito, hindi ako makabayan, inaamin ko yan, pero lagi kong pinapahalagahan ang kasaysayan ng aking lahi, lagi kong ipinagmamalaki ang aking kultura, ang kulturang Pilipino, Sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.

Maraming salamat pos a pagbabasa.


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