Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (Review)

It has been a week or two since I saw the new Captain America Movie, after watching it I can say that it wasn’t really a movie at all but just a teaser and a preview of who he really was and how he became the symbol of patriotism, the movie was just a theatric premier of his past, Captain America is an American Soldier who was given a chance to serve his country during the World War II and was frozen many times in order to be preserved and awaken if we needs his help.

I really like the costume of Captain America, instead of a tights they make it something like a leather suit to which for me really matched every scene of Chris Evan wearing the Captain America Costume, the producer said, the reasons for this because tights are not yet available during WWII (World War II) and he is a Marines, so he must wear something like a leather suit in order to fit in to every scene.

There is this one scene where Chris Evan rune after the villain who stole the Super Soldier Serum which develop his Body and Physical skills, he was wearing a semi-fit hanging white shirts and a pants which is about 10-15 inches higher to his ankle, there is a lot of criticism I’ve read about this scene, there is one who said that, hanging shirt is not yet the fashion of the late 1940’s so why they let Chris Evan wears like this, but in the movie it was explained well, why he was wearing that kind of cloths, that scene was taken after his body and muscles was enhanced by the scientist to become a Super Soldier, he grew up taller than his original height in the movie, that is why his pants is shorter for him.

I really like the movie from beginning to ending, it was fun and exciting for me, but sad to say, they did not really focus on the life and story of Captain America during 1940’s, they immediately killed the main villain or Red Skull, although I am not really sure if he was already dead or not, and also they killed Bucky too, Bucky is supposed to be his side kick as per the Captain America Comic Book but just like Red Skull, everything is not really clear weather Bucky is really dead or not, because in the Marvel Civil War Bucky was accused of assassinating Captain America.

I also like the idea that power stark appears in the movie, and for your information, Power Stark is the father of Iron Man Tony Stark.

Stan Lee again made a cameo role in the film (which he always does in every Marvel Film). He was sitting and waiting for Captain America to come out, and he said to the guy sitting right beside him “I thought he was taller?”

Above all that, they ended right away the story of Captain America during the WWII, just like what I said this isn’t really a movie but just a teaser, during the last scene of the movie, a plane where Captain America is aboard crushed landed to snow somewhere in Alaska and Captain America was frozen for 70 years, and when he woke up it was already the year 2011.

The fact that he was frozen right away only indicates that they are no longer planning to make a sequel for Captain America and that the movie was just really a preparation for the upcoming 2012 Movie “The Avengers” and also Marvel is not planning to make a stand alone movie for any of the members of The Avengers Teams, they said that this will be the last. (Hmmmm… Truly? I remember Walt Disney said that “Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds End”, will be the last film for that movie).

I am excited to watch The Avengers.

Thank you for Reading. I'm AL Diwallay the last Avenger....



  1. Sabi nga ang CA ang 2hour preview ng The Avengers.

    Ako hindi ko nagustuhan ying movie na to. Nakakainip wala gaanog action unlike transformer o kaya Spiderman.

  2. Yes Moks... teaser lang talaga.... there is a lot to be told about captain america.. masyado nilang minadali.. para lang mahabol ang Avenger next year.. actually Chris Evan hindi na siya nag bakasyon.. right after ng shooting nila.. nito.. nag proceed kagad siya sa Avengers Movie... by next year.. hindi na pareho ang damit niya... hindi namna daw tights... something lang parang costume ng fantastic four... yung cloth niya... more comfortable siya... compara dito... pero ako nagustuhan ko talaga siya.. lalo na yun idea na binitin ang tao sa kwento niya... I doubt na di na nila gagawan ng sequel ito.. pero who knows di ba... pero nagustuhan ko talaga siya.. maybe becuase fanatic talaga ako ng comic book... DC and Marvel.. ehehhehe...

  3. hahaha wait ko nalang itong panoorin...

  4. o sya..di ko na lang to panonoorin. kahit na delicious pa naman si Captain America. hehe..


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