Sunday, August 14, 2011

G + G = Google Plus Games

"And they already included games to G+ as an option if you get bore in reading the updates of your circle.... hmmmmm..... It’s not a surprise..... facebook is getting worse now.. Hope G+ will maintain its simplicity.... but at least they have Angry Birds..... ehehehe"

Finally G+ have launched the G+ Games, although they already offered these in Google Chrome, but G+ is still different story, I notice yesterday night the new button near the circle button in my profile and when I clicked it, it gives me the option to play games.

I was not surprised because I am expecting this to happened in no time, but what make me amazed is that, G+ manage to maintain its simplicity, although they included games on their Social Media site, they still manage to keep it simple and well organized than facebook.

City of Wonder

Zynga's Poker Face

I tried playing two of the games they are catering now, one is “City of Wonder” and the other one is “Zynga’s Poker Game”, the first one is about building your empire, the logic of the game is same as usual, you have to build your own city "to build your civilization", but this time they base it in a more primitive theme, and that’s what make it more interesting, Zynga’s Poker in the other hand, hmmm... this need no further explanation, itself explained based on the title of the game itself. By the way, Facebook's Zynga's Poker is banned here in Saudi Arabia, but this one with G+ oh yeah!!! It's not yet banned.

G+ is really making a big remark in Social Media, aside from being the most fastest growing Social Media, they now served to be an example on how simplicity means is, but of course no one can beat Twitter. Hahahahaha. But with a one stop social media, G+ is now one of the best.

I wish Google could really maintain their simplicity, urghhh!!!! facebook is becoming worse and worse now.... just like what Moks said it’s now becoming the mini version of eBay, I agree, I hate when people is tagging me for an item they being sold, urghhhh. Perhaps it’s really hard to control the limitation of the site, I remember Friendster back in the old days.

Anyway that’s all for now.

Thank you for reading.



  1. i'm still a facebook fan. hehehe

  2. sa fb pa rin ako.. minsan minsan lang sa G+.. hehe

  3. i like G+ mas mukang peaceful. hindi pa mukang palengke. eh kasi kayo pa lang ang friends ko dun. hehe.. pero ok lang na manatili na lang ang iba sa fb. para hindi na magulo ang g+ hehe..

  4. Pag ok na ang bago kong internet connection i try makigulo sa inyo. meron na akong g+ account. Pero di ko pa alam gamitin.

    Ikaw na ang bagong promoter ng G+.

  5. Al oo nga, ikaw na bagong promoter ng google+ hahaha! I do hope the same that G+ will maintain it's simplicity.

    mayen Twin sis apir tayo. Kaya nga dun ako active ngayon eh, na-overwhelm ako sa FB. buti andun ka na.

    Diamond R natawa ako, si Al promoter talaga yan ng G+. Anu G+ mo, add kita sa circle ko.

  6. na buti pa kayo nakapasok na sa google+ ako hindi pa...


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