Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Blow

One of my friend Remhard asked me to make wallpaper for him, he wants it to be like a Broadway Poster or something like a Hollywood Movie Promotion, he said he will put it on frame. Ehem, since I really want to learn how to used Adobe Photoshop, I agreed to him only if he’ll buy me Pepsi.

I used different pictures to achieve this look; I can’t explain to you how I came up with this, because I am just doing some experiment with his picture.

So here it is.
Rehard Robo’s ONE BLOW!!!

And YES!!! He is GAY. Remhard is a fabulous person, he loves fashion as well as music, and he has around 5,000 music in his lappy, he loves branded product as well, that’s why we click together, he thinks I am nice, I think he is nice too, he thinks I can be trusted, I think he can be trusted too, he thinks I’m Cute, I think he is right (Yeah), He also loves interior design, he is the one who decorated their room, he loves curtain and scented candles, he also likes to pose like me.

I met him July 5, but I first talk with him over the phone on June 22, when I first arrive here in Saudi, I was in Dammam then, and they are in Riyadh, after about two weeks, our company sent me here to Riyadh to work, he is the first one who helped me to coped up with the life style of Arabs, I owed him many things including my old slack that I used to wear, he gave me that one before when he found out that I don’t have any slacks.

Below is the picture I used for each layer.

I am still in the process of learning Adobe Photoshop.. Cool hah...

Anyway... That's it.
Thanks you for reading..



  1. you did a great job. parang gusto ko din magpagawa. hehe.. natawa ako sa He thinks I'm cute, i think he's right. winner! You know what? He doesn't even look like a gay to me. Gay people are most of the time nice, they are great friends too. Tapos madami pa silang talent just like your friend. :)

  2. galing parang hollywood poster.

  3. ang bait mo naman al.. nice poster!

  4. galing.. hehehe

  5. He thinks I'm Cute, I think he's right LOL.

    So you're really making blog E-O-P huh? Buti ka pa nga marunong nang mag-layer. Ako wala pang natututunan.

    In fairness, pamatay yung pose niya. F na F!

  6. this remind me na may hinihingi nga pala ako kay Kuya rommel ng diamond r na techniques in adobe.. hehehe pero good job! Ang ganda ng mga pagkakahalo mo ng picture Al! :)

  7. Nice. Concert poster-ish. :D

  8. I guess this post answered my question about Remhard's orientation! hehe
    Good job w/ the Adobe Photoshop! I have been trying to learn this app... pero it's an EPIC FAILED! hirap bro! kaya nagta-tyaga na lang ko sa Photoscape at Picassa! hehe


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