Friday, March 18, 2011

The Stylish and the Seven Facts

Sometimes last year, I encounter the Stylish Award and 7 Facts Awards from another blogger, I don’t know what it is, Since then I keep on asking myself how can I get one of those awards.

This morning, SEY of 14th Street gave me this award, I was shock and smiling all day, because I am hoping for someone who will give me this, and now Yeah!!! The moment has come and by accepting this awards you have to share 7 unknown facts about yourself and you have to do the following.

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.

2. Post seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass on the award along to 15 other worthy bloggers.

Ok here are the seven facts you should know about me.

1. Just like SEY and Mayen, I too can’t sleep without any pillow in my head, I have to cover my head with a pillow or anything that is soft and made of cotton, ever since I was a child, this is already my hobby. 

2. I can’t sleep in a bed that has a bed sheet, whatever bed sheet you put on to my bed, expect me to throw it away or remove it before I go to sleep, I need my bed to be rough and smooth. I remember the first time I slept with ehem! my ex-boyfriend eh este I mean ex-girlfriend, I forgot to tell her that I can’t sleep in a bed with bed sheets on, so we have to divide the area of our bed, the first area is covered with bed sheet while the other half is tadaaannn...NO BED SHEET ON.. parang half moon lang.

3. I love tight boxer shorts so much, I rarely wears brief, I can’t sleep with pajamas on, I sleep wearing nothing on my body except boxer short, I always feels like I am sexy every time I am sleeping. I have dozens of boxer short in my closet (masmarami pa sa mga damit ko at pantalon).

4. I love Hot and Spicy food, I prepare the food with chilli or with saw-sawan made of Toyo and Suke na pinisaan ng Sili Labuyu with matching sibuyas and kamatis, if wala niya, I will make my own, actually I even put or tack chilli powder to any of my chatchiria like Boy Bawang, Chippy, Nova or Nagaraya, my ever favourite is V-Cut original flavour. That was in the Philippines, but here in Saudi I love Doritos and Lays French Cheese flavour with chilli powder of course.

5. Curry is the best food for me ever and ever after AMEN. All of us in the family loves curry, (from my Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, how do you brush your teeth, with family form) everyone. We just love Curry Food, because of my father, almost every day he always ask for Chicken Curry or Beef Curry, that is why that food became our most favourite food. Ehehhee.

6. I’ve already lost half a Million Pesos money of my parents, My mom was really angry with me by that time, I swear I didn’t meant it, who would want to lose that kind of money. But my parents are really one of the great parents in the world, when they saw me worried and depress and was about to lose my head of thinking how can I replace that money, they stop talking about that topic and up to now everyone in the family are prohibited to tackle about that. My Mom said to me, “if you win some you lose some, that’s the game of life, have patient and leave everything to ALLAH, you will earn that money again”.

7. I see dead people, Joke; likes ko lang gayahin si Mayen sa kanyang joke na I hear voices; I’ve auditioned myself to Pinoy Big Brother twice, Truelili?, Season 2 and Season 3, yeah!!! Pretty cool hah!, But I did not pass any of the screening, and I also auditioned myself to GMA’s Survivor Series (anak ng... lakas din ng tama mo no?) I ended up to second screening, but after that I failed.

I decided to give these awards to 9 bloggers only instead of 15, because almost of the blogs that I am following already received this. And also I want to know more about them. 

So here are the awardees. 

  I want to know more about Yulie thats why i am giving you this awards.

2. Lhuy - My_Journal
    I want to know if you are now ok with you Mom and also with SO.

3. Biboy - Adobo Photoshop
    Give us some more tips in photo.

    I really like your works especially your movie updates. 

5. Kristia Maldita – Jolog’s Backpack
    I haven’t heard anything from you lately. 

6. Emanuel Mateo – Ang Ikalawang Paglalakbay
    You inspire me with your amazing life.

7. Arvin De la Peña – Written Feelings
    I want to hear more about your story.

8. Nelo – Paralibot
    After Macau where is your next Adventure?

9. Diamond - One ACRE of Diamond
    You always give us a good post everyday. 

NOTE: I was supposed to give Kamil, AKONI and MOMMY_RAZZ this awards but Mayen already gave them and also to Mayen but Sey already gave her. Parang jologs lang no...? but of course I still want to give them but toinks!!! Do they have to write another version of 7 facts? Well for me, no need.

And lastly from the bottom of my blog, I want to SAY thank you SEY for giving the awards, I really appreciate it. NAKS NAMAN.



  1. Al, from the bottom of my heart, YOU'RE WELCOME you deserve it.

    1. Hala sige bigyan ka namin ng unan ni Mayen. hehe

    2. Bed without bedsheet? weird, but unique. Galing non hahaha, parang halfmoon lang.

    3. Hay, hindi na pala unan bigay namin sayo, boxers na lang, sa pasko.

    4. I love spicy food too, kaso lately it was forbidden because of my sinusitis.

    5. I kinda love chicken curry too. I want to learn how to cook it. Penge recipe. hehe

    6. What Half a million pesos. okay lang yun. YOu are so blessed to have parents with huge patience and understanding.

    7. Sayang di ka nakuha sa survivor pati sa PBB, audition ka ulit next time ah, promise i'll vote everday pati mga friends and family ko. hehe

    Sorry sa napakahabang comment. natuwa lang ako :-)

  2. oo nga nabigay na ni mayen.. baka gumawa ako ulit ng version ko.kahit meron na,... hehehe at nakakatawa mga 7 facts mo.. hahahaha pero na amaze ako sa chilly... para sa kin maanghang na nga ang chippy at vcut.. pero nilalagyan mo pa rin.. pero gusto ko ang toyo with sile

  3. hello,magandang umaga..bakit po ako included?paano po ba to?will i also receive that stylish award?hehehe

  4. Magaya nga si sey sa way ng pag-comment nya and since I have something to say sa bawat item ng facts about you.

    1.Ay ang famous pillow, well famous sa atin tatlo nila Sey. Pagandahan na lang kaya ng unan? Haha.

    2. Bed without bed sheet? Weird talaga.. naku Al pag nag-asawa ka halfmoon na lang forever ang bed nyo hehe.. funny and weird. Pero at least tipid. Kung king size ang bed nyo ang bibilin nyong bed sheet pang double bed lang. hehe..

    3. boxers is sexy.. yes naman..
    4. I like spicy food and sawsawan galore din ako. Favorite ko rin ang Vcut.

    5. I like chicken curry but I can live without it.

    6. Half a million? That’s a lot of money. San naman napunta yun al? I’m intrigued. You have a wonderful family and mas mahalaga yun sa kahit anu pang material na bagay.

    7. talaga nag tyaga sa mga ganung auditions? Naku gusto mo pala sumikat talaga ano? Sana meron kang audition footage, parang gusto ko makita yun ah. Hehe.. baka kasi nagpatawa ka dun eh. Anyway, ok lang kung hindi ka nakapasa, isipin mo na lang kawalan nila yun. Hindi mo sila kawalan.. duh!

    Anyway, ang dami kong appearance sa post na ito, kahit na hindi naman ako ang nag award nito. Actually, dapat bibigyan talaga kita eh nakita ko na binigyan ka na ni sey. So ayun. Nag enjoy ako sa 7 facts mo.

  5. salamat al, kahit papaano binanggit mo pa rin name ko, thank you.

    u lost half a million? kwawa k namn sa time n yon, ingat sa susunod..

  6. tnanks for including me ditdit... watch out U will be surprise for my revealations.....

  7. thanks po sa mga nag-comment.. at lalo na kay Mayen and Sey na may napaka habang comment... ehehhehe...

  8. thanks sa award/tag award musingan...salamt salamt


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