Sunday, May 15, 2011


Did I ever tells you that I am the person who really loves to eat salad, just name it, for as long as it is halal, you bet I gonna love it, for this kind of salad, the one on the picture above, how much do you think it would cost us to by it in restaurant in the Philippines? nyeheheheh, yesterday, before I ate my lunch meal, I order this salad first, so yummy, this is a mixed vegetable and tuna, with dressing on it, actually I am the one how mixed it, I don't like putting lots of different vegetable because for me "too many flavor will just confuse your taste" and I don't like it. 

But actually, this is not really about the salad that I ate yesterday, but it's really about (ehem) "My iPod Touch" nyehehehhee... I just bought one for my self, as a gift for my up coming birthday... when would it be? take a guess!!!

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  1. ako super favorite ko din ang salad... lalo na ung sa pizza hut at a venneto.. grabe ang sarap...

    pero kahit simpleng greenice lettuce lang with dressing pwdeng pwede na..

    dahil diyan.. punta na ako sa pizza hut, ngayon na.

  2. Ipa jailbreak na yang ipod mo lol. Install ka na apps twitter fb games. Ako tong ipod touch ko bday gift sakin last bday ko.

  3. May din ba ang bday mo? kasi ako malapit na din eh. i like salad and mukang masarap yan! wow ipod touch, I wish i could buy myself a gift like that. pero siguro drumstick na lang muna. hehe..advane happy birthday!

  4. Mayen advance Happy birthday,Kaylan ba yan. nalito na ako.

    Al, ikaw na ang my pabirthday n Ipod sa sarili wow.Ok ba yan kasi wala akong idea sa mga ganyan.

    kaylan ba ang birthday mo?

  5. malapit na birthday ko.. next year na....

  6. wala akong ipod touch at malapit narin ang birthday ko. sana may magregalo saken ng salad. lolz

  7. hindi ko alam saan ako titingin, sa salad o sa ipod tats..

  8. wow may baong ipod touch! sarap ding isahog sa salad yan joke! :D

  9. pang sosi ang salad.. hehe!

    congrats sa bagong ipod..

  10. yummy salad bay.. hehehe

  11. hahaha, focus na kao sa salad eh, natuon pa tuloy atensyon ko sa i-pod. sige ikaw na...ikaw na...mang-inggit ka! hehehe May din b-day mo? hala 3 tayo nila Mayen.

    Al-mas matipid kung ikaw gagawa ng sarili mong salad. favorite ko veg. salad....lettuce binibili ko sa grocery tapos tuna lang saka mayo...solve na hehehe!


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