Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor: The God of Thunder

This is just an update  to my blog entry about the Movie Thor, Yes!!! At last… The waits is over, I finally watched it, THOR the god of Thunder was finally released.

Aside from the movies that I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I also watched the Movie THOR, wow, what can I say about this movie, well, it’s worth watching for, the movie was good, the sequence and time line of the story is so realistic. I like their approach to Thor’s story.

The story was simple, his father was Odin the god of Asgard who won many battles, he was supposed to be the next in line to the throne, but the problem is he is so arrogant and doesn't have any key marks to be the next god of Asgard, so his father sent him to earth to learn from human, and took his powerful and indestructible hammer and curse it that only he who is ready that can carry it and use it as a weapon.

Then along his Journey here on earth he met his special love ones, she is Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) an Astrophysicist who turn his life upside down, she’s the one who change his attitude and the one who make him swear to be humble all the time.

Then while on earth, Thor’s brother Loki found out about his real identify, he was not a son of Odin and doesn’t have any relationship with him in any means, Odin found him after he battles Giant Frost, Laufey his real father kept him because he is ashamed of his small-size, Odin took him and raised him as his son alongside his biological son Thor.

When Loki learned the his past he did everything just to overtake the throne from his foster parents and kills the god of Thunder Mighty Thor.

And so the story starts here.


Did you know that as a god Thor is known as The God of Thunder and as a human he is known as Doctor Donald Blake.

Did you know that in the Marvel Comics Jane Foster is a nurse working for Doc. Donald Blake and they fell in loved to each other.

Did you know that in the second volume of Thor Comics they introduce Jane Foster as a doctor; she is in a position of authority over several New York paramedics.

In the Movie Thor Jane Foster is an Astrophysicist instead of a nurse or a doctor.

Jane Foster real name was Jane Nelson.

Thor is much taller as the god of thunder than as a man in the body identity of Donald Blake, I think as Donald Blake he is only 5’8 and as Thor he is 6’6.

Thor Movies claimed an estimated $25.7 million income in it's opening day.

claimed an estimated $25.7 million at 3,955 locations

Ok so that’s it from now… hope you learned something from me.

I give 5/5 to the Movie....

Thank you for reading.



  1. Al nakakaingit ka naman nakakagawa ka ng mga post na ito project ko na ito noong college ako na umaabot ng ilang lingo bago matapos. kung magagawa ko ito sabi ng engish prof ko na kaibigan ko bibigyan niya ako ng uno.
    Di lang nose bleed ang mangyayari sa akin if i tried to write like this.baka ma coma na ako.

  2. napakaganda nito,at super nag enjoy ako,sulit na sulit talaga,super nakakamangha ang mga eksena...
    grabe talaga...

    5 star for me!

  3. di ko akalaing gagawing movie ang THor. i love it hahahah 10 / 10 :D

  4. d ako mhilig mag watch..hntayin ko nlng yung pirated.jejej joke!!
    good am kuya

  5. napanood ko yan dto, ok lang sa akin.. no choice wala akong mapanood that time.. hehe! love story hilig ko..:)

  6. thanks for spoiling my excitement with the movie. nyahaha, kainis, naunahan mo pa ako. Sobrang busy kasi namin wala na ako magawa kundi work tapos tulog, tapos wala pang available na makasama manood, lahat na lang busy. Mas maganda kasi panoorin sa big screen...mag-agree ka sakin...hehehe! Saka mga ganyang movie ang gusto ko panoorin about myths and legends.

    Al, Try mo yung "Changeling" iiyak ka! Napanood mo na ba yung "Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief"?


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