Monday, May 2, 2011

Beta Mode Archive

Yesterday I posted something about Wikipedia,but have you ever thought how was Wikipedia looks like way back 10 years ago, have you ever thought what was the face of your favorite search engine before? Have you ever wonder what was the feature they are offering? Have you ever wonder what was the first email provider?

Well, the Internet revolution can be traced back to 1950-1960’s with the development of computers, through the years and decade of research and study, Internet has grown wide and more functioning, and together with these advancing and modern innovations is the more useful tool for internet.

1990’s considered to be the golden age for the commercialization of the internet, and during that time a lot of commercial website was born and among these are Yahoo, MailCity, Hotmail, Rocketmail, and some other famous website such as ESPN, MTV and other more.

But have you ever thought how it’s like to log on to yahoo that time. Below is some of the screen shot I took from the web. And I feel like WOW, I missed those days, the day when I am still ignorant about internet, I missed going to the Internet cafĂ© and not knowing where to start.

Yahoo in Beta Mode (1997) it's one of the earliest Search Engine
and is also one of the most successful.

Google in Beta mode (1999)... also one of the earliest
and for me the most friendly user of them all. is the famous and most powerful search engine back then.
I really really like using this when searching for something.

MailCity 1998, one of the earliest Commercial Email Provider.
if I am not mistaken Mailcity was bought by Lycos.

Hot Mail 1997, yeah.. I definitely have an account here either. 
This was powered by MSN.

RocketMail 1998, one of my frustrations, and up to now.
I still regret not signing up with them.
Before kasi... Astig ka talaga kapag naka Rocket mail ka,.
but you know what, this was acquired by Yahoo. and the Yahoo Mail is the Old Rocket mail.
Although I have Yahoo Mail, I still regret not signing up with them when they are still known as rocket mail.

2001 Old Wikipedia Website...

AngelFire (1997) was the hottest Free web hosting service back in the 1990's.
I wonder if my old old simple HTML website still exist. (1998), my MailCity account was always full because of NBL, NBA update.

And becuase there were no facebook, Friendster and Myspace back then.
No twitter, and others.. I always see to it that I am connected to
this was 1998

and lastly, yours truly (1999 Edition), yeah....

And so you see ladies and gentlemen. it's been 15 years or more, but stuill some of the website I've mentioned still exist or shall we say all of them still exist.

it's so nice to look back at the time when everybody is still naive in using internet.

if you want to know how does your favorite website looks like.

feel free to visit:

Web.Archive.Org (2001)....

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Thank you for reading.



  1. Mukhang pinagkaablalahan mo ito. nakakatuwa naman na malalam ang mga ito way back pa ni kupong-kupong kaylan langa ko natutong mag innternet 2003 oo noon lang bakit di ko makakalimutan kasi yong kaunaunahan kong email 2003 nakalagay.

    amg alam ko dati may computer lang at ang wwww. di ko alam. kawawa naman pero dati pa yon ng wala pa akong alam.

    thanks al for sharing.

  2. Mond.. yes... tama ka.. ako naaalala ko pa ang unang email ko.. 1997 yun.. pero hindi na ko na binubuksan.. at di ko alam kung existing pa ba or di na... basta sa MailCity yun.. now known as Lycos... ehehehhe.. ako noong 1990 ang alam ko lang sa computer ay enter key.. ehehhehe... at Escape. ehehehhe

  3. Nalala ko pa nung una akong nag internet napaka clueless ko talaga lahat na lang tinatanong ko sa bantay ng computer shop. Kung minsan ayoko mag internet sa same shop kasi baka makulitan na sa akin. kaya pa-iba iba ako.

    This is nice. May hotmail account din ako dati. Pero hindi ko na alam kung ano. hehe..

  4. time machine! i miss the classic designs ah

  5. ang alam ko lang diyan eh yahoo at google.. hehe! ako before kami pinahawak ng computer sa ofis pina training kami kaya nong magka online na kmi, may alam na ako kahit papaano..

  6. the truth hindi ko pa nakita ang mga lumang mukha ng search engines. Ibig sabihin too late na nang maadik ako sa internet. hehe.

    natawa ako sa dating looks ng Hotmail, ang laki kasi ng pinagbago. Ang yahoo inabandona ko na kasi ang daming spammers saka hackers dun, feeling ko hindi na safe (feeling ko lang naman yun).

    Akalain mo ng dahil sa trivia mo ngayon ko lang nalaman na nag rocketmail pala ay independent dati. Akala ko kasi bagong domain talaga siya ng yahoo. hehe!

  7. dati lagi kong gamit search engine ng yahoo pero ngayon mas love ko na ang google!


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