Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ok I still can't move on from the contest which Abdul-Hakeem hosted, and I was so tired of updating every one on my Facebook Account to vote for me as well as my friend in the forum of TSC (The Story Circle) and most of all in the Tausugnet.com... I have casted a large numbers of vote in that website. weooooow!!!

But anyway... this is not about the competitions but rather about my self, I have been sitting infront of this computer and was feeling exhausted and haggard, because last night I can't sleep well, I am having again insomnia at night, I am always like this since I was college, I really find it hard to sleep at night, so what I did last night, I just watch movies, three movies in a raw, I shall make some updates about this movie later ok.

So below is my picture feeling haggard and wasted.

Well that's all from me now... hope to see you next time here in my blog.

Thank you for Reading.


  1. ay na missed ko ang post mo kahapon. kaya binalikan ko para makaboto ako. so far ikaw yata ang pinaka maraming boto. I'm sure makakamtan mo na pinaka-aasam asam mong .com! Good luck Al.

    I also have trouble sleeping, pero nakakatulog naman ako matagal nga lang. Pero you look good para sa haggard ah? :)Sana ganyan din ako ma-haggard.

  2. yan ba ang mukhang haggard? may pa peace peace pa? hehe! naka vote na ako sau kahapon..

  3. pansin ko lang...madalas kang pumipicture ngayon ah!!!

  4. haha kaya mo yan chong...


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