Sunday, May 29, 2011

Superman Teaser

Yes!!! You are right… your eyes is not lying to you, he is not Christopher Reeve, he is Henry Cavill the new actor who will play Superman, I made this last night because I can’t wait to see him wearing those popular red caped costume.

This is just a teaser I made for Superman.

I was so amazed, after I finish editing his pictures, he really look good as Superman, wow!!! And above all that, he has about 80-90 percent resemblance of the late Christopher Reeves, well that is only my perceptions… ehehhehe… make your own blog about him if you don’t agree.

Note: Sorry for my Editing… I am not that good yet.


  1. superman!! ayiii! baka mabading kana nyan ha!

  2. matagal na po ako nababading sa kanya... lalo na kay batman... and spiderman.. ehehehhe

  3. maganda naman ang pagka edit. bakit kaya ang mga gumaganap na superman parang mga kwadrado ang muka. pero handsome naman sile. :) napansin ko lang. and yes may hawig sya kay Christopher Reeves. :)

  4. Kasi Mayen.. ganyan din ang mukha ni Superman sa Cartoon.. kapag nakita mo ang Officail CGI niya.. kamukhang kamukha ni Brandon Routh... ehehehhe

  5. gwapo pa rin si c Christopher Reeves.. hehe!


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