Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Young Society of Magicians

Aside from being a Member of the Philippines Magicians Group called TSC (The Story Circle), I was also a certified member of the first Magicians Group in Zamboanga, it's called YSM (Young Society of Magicians), this group was originated in Zamboanga City on 2006, through the initiative of Robert Zapanta A.K.A Trebor Z, he is an iconic Member of the Zamboanga's Finest Dance Group Called The Moving Colors and he also manage his own business called Trebor Z Audio Visual, he is also one of the best Disc Jockey in Ground Zero Disco Music.

I first heard about YSM in 2007, I showed a card magic to these group of students and after I showed them Magic, they asked me if I am a member of YSM, I said no, but I am looking forward to join them, then I met Ken Fermo a.k.a. Ethan Sky one of the former RX Dream Radio DJ, he introduced me to Arafat a Muslim guy who is also a member of YSM, which in a later time I told him that I already knew him even before I met him because his cousin is one of my best buddy.

They asked me to join them and do some Auditions, nyehehehhe, of course I am willing to join them so I prepared myself for the upcoming auditions, I practice a lot. I dig the Internet to find source which I could used in my auditions. And on February 2008, the hardwork is paid. I passed the auditions and become a certified member of the first Magic Group in Zamboanga City.

So here it is!!!

The members.

Carlo:    Profesional Videographer and Cameraman.
Mark:    Physics Teacher and now a Navy.
Al Diwallay:    A guy with nothing to share but his blog.
Dondee:    Mathematicians Teacher and Chess Player.
P-BOY:    Hotel Supervisor.
Jhong:    Buy and Sell businessman.
Kim:    Rad Tech.
Robert:    Businessman.
Jhonelle:   Registered Nurse.
Nikko:    Businessman and Registered Nurse.
Jun:    Supervisor.
Jerald:    Disc Jockey now OFW in Qatar.
Arafat:    Businessman.
Sheena:    Model and now OFW in Qatar.

I’d like to introduce to you THE YOUNG SOCIETY OF MAGICIANS.

Are you ready?

YSM Show-Off Video 2008

Thanks you for watching.



  2. lol...may club ka pala ng magician..paturo ako lalo na yung ginawa mo s last post mo.

  3. wow magician ka talaga shet!!!

  4. huwaw! galing..kina-career ah... keep keep...keep it up! nice nice... :D

  5. HUlala, pag-uwi mo dito mag-magic ka. di pwedeng hindi!

  6. hahaha,,... but young ang tawag.. dalawa lang naman ang sa tingin ko young doon.. hehe joke lang... may girl pa sa huli.. hehhee

  7. Wow. ang galing!!! magician ka pala, Al.. :) napabilib rin ako ke Mark (anbelibabol yung hawak nya na card, biglang napalitan.. huwaaatt?!?!) and then yung si Sheena (bilog, naging iskweyr? huwatt?!?!).. hehe.. #applause. yay!! naentertain ako.. :)


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