Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Since January of this year I have been practicing this card trick, trying my best to make it look good and natural, I have devoted a lot of time in practicing this effect, I spent about 30 minutes to 1 hour just to master it, and last week I felt like I needed to show it to other people, for me to be able to know where and what to improve. 

Your comments mean a lot.

I think this is the second Magic Video I made for this year in terms of card, I am always fascinated with this kind of effect, an effect of two different cards that would change places with each other, I know a lot of tricks like this, I don’t know why I am always interested with this kind of effect, maybe because I always wanted to be in different places all the time, or maybe because I want to exchange personalities with other people, I don’t know, But I can always say that even in the art called Magic, it would really reflect and express your self.

I am practicing magic more seriously than before, and I am happy that at least despite hectic schedule and busy days, I still have time to practice. Yeah!!!

Every Magic trick has a name and this effect is called "RESET" and was created by "Paul Harris", it’s one of the best and classic effect in card Magic, and Paul Harris is one of the few living legend in Magic Society.

"RESET" has a lot of variations, I like what Micheal Ammar did in one of his early Magic Videos, I based my routine from his approach and added my personal touch and there you are, my simple version of "RESET".

Magic is very easy to learn, all you need to have is determinations and endurance, there is a lot of resources if you just know where to start, magic is for everybody, it doesn't requires any age limit, all you need to know is the right stuff for you.

So here it is, my simple approach to Paul Harris Magic Trick called “Reset”.

I hope you like it.

You may also want to see my other Magic Video, The two are quite similar but different in approach, the first one was made by Oz Pearlman (Panguin Magic) and the latter was made by Pual Harris.

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  1. Nice trick. I was amazed.. :)

  2. Ang galing Al. nakakabilib pag hawak pa lang ng card astig na.

  3. di ko pa makita ung video... ulitin ko next time... hehe...

  4. in fairness bumilib ako ah. galing!!!

  5. ayos yun ah, never been touched yung kabilang card, pano yun? napanganga ako dun ah

  6. Akala ko anong ire-reset hehehe, may kasama pang trivia. Sayang walang youtibe, sa bahay na lang pag-uwi ko. Namamangha ako sa mga taong magaling mag-magic, pero ang hilig ko manood lang hindi mag-magic. Siguro nasa interest din ng tao yun.

    Pero yung mentalist something, gusto ko yun. Bukas may show ng mind reading dito. hahanapin niya ang mga nawawalang bagay through mind reading. Sana malabanan ko ang antok para mapanood ko. At hindi ko nakakalimutan ang promise mo na tuturuan mo ako ng mind reading....hehehe!

  7. sugoi!sugoi!=) amazing!nice trick!

  8. gusto ko rin ang mag magic.....hanga ako sa mga nakakagawa ng magic..katulad mo..hanga ako..

  9. Wow, I was amazed at your trick. At first, I thought it was just a trick that anyone could imitate but then...wew, I wonder how did you do that? Anyway, as a suggestion since you need improvement, I think you just have to make the shuffling of the card more quick so it is more convincing. Though it already is.

    Cagayan de Oro Night Life


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