Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Klinics at Kinuts ni Mokong ang Cake.

Yahoo... bumibirthday na....

first and foremost I would like to say thanks you to Acre for spreading the news that our two great blogger has a birthday this month... nyehehehhehe.... so I was supposed to make a follow-up blog entry about spidey and his crew but I decided to leave it for awhile a greeted the person that always makes me smile... and for this.. I am giving the both of you the prestigious Award that Mayen has given me, The Makes me Smile Award... but opppssss.. this is not an award hah!!! this is just a gift... becuase I dont want you to give it to anybody out there.. 

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To Mayen: Thanks for all the wisdom and thoughts you have shared to us... as what I've said before.. I really admire your work.. that is something that not all people can appriciate and do.. but wow... you are awesome and kind to help the helpless.. you are more than a woman to me.. naks... superman.. batmat... spiderman... hahahah... tinalo mo silang lahat day. so here is my greetings... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....

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To Moks: Thanks for giving us all the story you've got, your Morning Rush Post equipped with numbers and hash signs as well as the ever White Banner with a guy sitting on it under hood.. you are so great, your Music in my Head Post, Your Video Collections, your Movie Review, wow man, do you still have time for you self?, maybe you've thought I am not reading all of that... and most specially thanks for introducing to us Sasa, the cutest dog I ever met... nyehehehe.. atleast I can enjoy my self watching the photo of Sasa.. eheheheh... so here is my greetings to you.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. I am happy and smiling here while making this blog.. "PAGKAT DALAGA KANA!!!!" nyeheheheh...

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Here is a cake for the too of you eh este two pala.. ehehehhe

and again.. happy birthday ulit kay SEY... ehehhehe

So thats it from me.. from the bottom of my blog.. Happy Birthday da inyong lahat....

Thank you for reading...




  1. kasama ka din pla sa nagpapa smile kay mayen, hehehe! congrats AL!

    happy b-day mayen and moks..

    bakit may pabati kang happy birtday ulit kay sey? hnd ako nalito.. litong lito..haha

  2. Sabi nga ng marami we have to be generous in showing kindness. Yon ang renta sa pagkakataong nakahulubilo natin sila sa mundong ito.na di pweding bayaran or tapatan ng kahit na ano pa man.

    nakakatuwa din makita ang mga taong may likas sa kanilang puso ang magparamdam nito.

    magkalat tayo ng happiness sa balat ng lupa.

  3. Hay I feel like I'm the luckiest girl today for having such wonderful blogger-friends out there! Sometimes I asked myself what did I do to deserve this? Pero naisip ko siguro sadyang cute lang ako. haha..

    Thank you so much Al.. I really appreciate it.

    Happy Birthday din kay Moks. :)

  4. Anung Dalaga? Gusto mo masapak? Wapak! Pakyo!
    LOL pero maraming slamat s apagbati at paggawa ng post na to para mabati ako..thanks sa regalo at cake...

  5. happy birthday sa inyong lahat! nice birthdays! :D

  6. haay..sana birthday ko na din...

  7. Yes, may cake pa! Ikaw talaga Al hindi ka papayag na hindi ka hahabol at dahil jan, thank you ulit. Pinahabol mo pa yung cake samin!

    Gusto mo ba sumama sa date namin ni Mayen? Umuwi ka na kasi! hahaha! Hayaan mo pag-uwi mo sasalubungin ka namin ng banda sa airport.

    Busy ka Al? Oh ako ng busy! para kasing hindi kita naririnig masyado ngayon!

    Happy Birthday sa kanilang 2 este saming 3 pala.


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