Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Man of Steel

Henry Cavill: The Man of Steel

Henry Cavill: The Man of Steel

 At last Warner Brothers have finally revealed, the New Superman Movie titled The Man of Steel have just issued some photo of Henry Cavill wearing the NEW (take note! “NEW”) as is NEWEST SUPERMAN Costume, it is way too far from what I expected or everyone else, because the newest suit or costume of Henry Cavill for his Superman Movie is a totally modified and revolutionized design from the classic out-fit of larger than life Superhero character.

The New superman DC Comic

Ultimate Superman 2000

I think the suit is an adaptation of the newest Superman Costume from DC Comics that came out early this year, but I am not curtained about it, and also there is another DC Comic that features Superman with a red-black-blue combination, it came out early 2000 (Note it was only a plan of DC to reboot the superman comic but it was cancelled right away).

I admit when I first saw the suit I said to myself WTF, because he really look like stupid wearing that kind of costume, but later on I thought that it’s kind’ a cool, when I notice the new changes they made for the new costume. Ok Lets define the suit point by point.

1st The Cape – Of all the reviews I’ve read, it only point to one conclusion, Zack Snyder wanted to do some CGI effect with the cape to make it look stunning and more dramatic in effect, that’s cool.

2nd The Neck – In the previous Superman Return Movie, the suit was a round neck tights, but in Henry Cavill’s Superman Movie it is something large round and I think it’s better this way compare from the previous one.

3rd The “S” – At last it’s as big as the name of the character, the S on his chest is a little larger compared to the other costume of Superman, when you look at it, it seems to be he is saying, Look I am Superman.

4th The Trunks – Weow!!!! I can’t find it, although some of the picture leakage you can see that he is still wearing trunks or brief, but in most of the pictures he doesn’t have any trunks on, and I think this is really what make it cool.

5th The Belt – Again, I didn’t see him wearing any belt and for me it’s find, they just put some kind of a metallic design emboss on it, and that’s what make it super cool.

6th The Boots – I like, I like, I like, I like. Now its high cut.

7th The Tights – In the previous Superman Return Movie, the suit is made up a special garment that when you look closely to it you would find that it is mark with tiny “S” all around his body, it is only visible with the naked eyes when you look closely to it. But in the new Superman Movie: The man of Steel, the suit is made up of a very special fabric similar to the suit of the new Spiderman Movie, the suit look’s more futuristic and artistic, I think this is better, because Superman is not from our planet so he most have a very unique suit made up from a very fine fabric or garment.

8th The Looks – Above all things, when you choose for someone to play the role of somebody, you must first realize if that person is suitable to play the role of that certain character, and for me, Henry Cavill is more than enough for the character, he is really a good looking guy, with a very manhood impression, good body, height and he has the resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve.

All in All, I think I really like that new Superman Suit, although it is almost 100% modified but still for me, it is the best.

How about you? What do you think?

Thanks you reading.



  1. Hihintayin ko na lang ang pelikula nito sana maganda.

    GAling ng review.

  2. i love the new costume of Superman. I agree with the "S". Removing the trunks and belt makes the "S" reconigzable and stunning....I think, pero yung new superman, mas gwapo sa sideview. hehehe


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