Monday, May 23, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man

Oh Yeah!!! Better late than never, last timed I have promised that I will unmask some secrets to the new Spider-Man Movie which will be release on July 03, 2012, but because I was busy doing other stuff,, haha, I was late. Anyway here are my updates.

The world web spinning is up again to climb your wall and save helpless innocent in the hand of danger, and this time it’s not Tobey Maguire who will play this, but rather the one who plays Eduardo Saverin in the 2010 movie The Social Network and that is none other than Andrew Garfield, he was introduce to media by Sony Pictures as the newest star to play the role of the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman on 2009.

In this upcoming Spectacular Spiderman Movie, we will trace back the life and story of Peter Parker as the underdog high school superhero, in this film he will meet Gwen Stacy, and will face Dr. Curt Connors as The Lizard. For those who don’t know, Gwen Stacy was the first love of Peter Parker and not Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy was killed by Green Goblin in one of their fight.

Dr. Curt Connor in the other hand is a Military Surgeon who loses his arm in the battle field, he then became a researcher and was obsessed in reptile regenerating ability, he studied reptilian biology extensively to uncover its secret, he became successful with his experiment to regenerate the amputated or the missing limb of a rabbi, despite the warnings of his wife Martha Dr. Connor chose to test it on himself. He succeeded in his plan but the formula has a side effect, Connors was subsequently transformed into a reptilian humanoid monster.

In the movie, Peter Parker will meet Flash Thompson, the high school football star who loves to bullies him but ironically adore Spider-Man; he was a victim of cruelty and abused by his alcoholic Dad which turned him to become bullies.


I’m kind of disappointed with the costume, for me it doesn’t look nice...  but it’s ok, because I know Spider-Man has a lot of costume, in this film his costume is something like a modified version of the original costume of Spider-Man, it is darker in lines. And it is made from Something likes a fabric plastic garment, I am not sure, but if you look closely.. You can tell.

Notice his wrist; it has something like a watch or something like ahhh! Are you saying that this is a web shooter gadget? Very nice, but my main concern is that it’s too big and it’s too obvious but it’s ok. (Peter Parker is a boy genius; he designed his web shooter gadget in order for him to spin around the buildings). I can’t wait to see his web shooter.

Shoes: The shoe of Spider-Man has silver on it. I am not used to it, but again its ok and its fine with me. Spidey has a lot of costumes.

The Spider Logo in his chest, it’s black and it’s like they painted it to his suit. Nice one for this.


I think this will become a very spectacular movie event of the year when it will be release, the fact that they seems to follow the real story of spider-man and that they did not change anything on it, I must say that this got to be a movie worth waiting and watching for in the wide screen. I hope that it will be release in theatre during my vacation next year; I won’t hesitate to spend money just to watch it on iMAX.


Gwen Stacy was the plainly first love of Peter Parker but Mary Jane was the longest he had relationship with, they even got married and got a daughter who in later time becomes the Spider-Girl.

In the 2007 Spider-Man 3, Gwen Stacy appears in the film, she was the model who fell from the building which was rescued by Spider-Man, and later in the film she gave Spider-Man the award of appreciations.

In the 2002 Spider-Man movie, Flash Thompson was the High School boyfriend of Mary Jane Watson, if you have seen that movie he was the one who punched Peter Parker in the locker area during the transition of Peter Parker to Spider-Man.

In the 2002 film of Spider-Man, instead of giving Spider-Man a web shooter gadget, they make it something like a bio-genetic web shooter that comes from his arms.

Miguel O’Hara became the Spider-Man in the Marvel 2099 comics.

In the early editions of Marvel Comics, Peter Parker was bitten by radioactive spider, but Director Sam Raimi changed it to Biogenetic Engineered Spider.

Well that’s it from me now...

Thank you for reading.. bye...

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  1. Oh yeah. bakit sila papalit palit ano ang problema nila?
    wolo lang.yong lang ang naiisip ko ginugulo nila ang mga manonood or nagtitipid lang.

  2. I love Spiderman. I will definitely watch this on wide screen. :)

  3. Ahiii.. no more verification code.. wolo lon :)

  4. spiderman fan din ako.. panonooron ko yan sa big screen para feel na feel ko ang scene.

  5. weee.. kakaibang spider man skinny na tumatambling.. heheheh

  6. lol sa skinny hehehehe. abangan ko to'ng new movie na to at saka ako magjajudge :D

  7. Di ko alam na meron pa palang kasunod na Spiderman movie. thanks for the info.

    Good day folk.

  8. Yung model pala si Gwen Stacy! napanood ko yun. Ang gwapo ni Andrew Garfield pero hindi ko siya feel maging spiderman.

  9. not so much of a spiderman fan. but i am guessing i'll still be able to watch it due to insistent public demand aka friendship. =)


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