Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Short Term Goal

This are the things that I want to have for this year or just before my first vacation next year to the Philippines, and I am willing to give it all just to satisfy myself and pursue my dreams, after all this is one of the reasons why I am here in Saudi.

DSLR Camera
I always wanted to become a photographer, ever since I was child this is already one of my dreams, I remember before I used to play with our very unique manual Kodak Camera which my father bought when he went to Manila, I really love photography most specially if I am the subject.

Since I lost my PSP three years ago, I planned to replace it but up to now I haven’t yet done it, I always end up buying things which is not really useful and unnecessary to my personality, every time I already have the money to buy it, there is always something else bothers me or a friend who would invite me to travel somewhere else.
Smart Phone (Blackberry or iPhone)
Ever since Cellphone was invented and has become a necessary  to our day to day lives, I realized that I have never bought a brand new one for myself, I have changed my phone a thousand times but none of them are new, it’s always a second hand gadget from Isitan Recto. Neyehehehe. My Cellphone right now is K800i Sony Ericson I bought it from Quiapo sometimes two years ago and her name is Sonya Erika.


I already have one now, I just bought it last December, it’s an i5 Toshiba Satellite and I named her Mustaza, ehehhe, I’ve been through a lot of times with her already, most specially when I become addicted to Blogging, I always let her sit in my laps while writing a blog. But even though I already have one maybe I will buy Net Book. Sony Vaio (What do you think)?.

Branded Wears
I admit, I am not into style or any, I am more into brand name, I am always like that ever since, I studied in public school in high school as well as in college but I never wears an ordinary name of shirt or pants, I always go with the names, some of the cloths that I already have now are True Religion Jeans, Reply, Diesel Shoes, Armani, CK, and some Penshoppe and Bench (oppps) love your own…

This is just my short term goal for now, I am not sure maybe I will add more these coming months, anyways… this is not being ambitious or being a social climber, but ever since I broke up with my former GF, I have learned to put boundaries for everything, I have learned to planned and set a time table for myself, since 2008, I became more optimistic in life,  more positive in everything I does, I believe we should have something to aim at, so that we will be inspired all the time.
My long term goal… haha… Good Family, Nice House, Loyal Friend and Stable Business.

Thanks for reading.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at”    - BRUCE LEE



  1. huawwww!!! those are exactly what I also want to have!!!!

    eeehhhh...apir tayo jannnn....!!! pak!!!

  2. huwaw..gusto ko din yan lahat except for psp, I'll replace it with ipod though. I suggest you go for iphone kesa blackberry. I have bb pero di ako masaya sana nag iphone na lang ako. anyway, pa-picture kami pag uwi mo ah? :)

  3. DSLR - Not bad. That's my dream too but I don't want to be the subject, I want to be the photographer.

    PSP Go - hmmm, ayoko na! pero pwede din. Favorite kong laro yung Patapon.

    Blackberry or iphone - Why not? Susme, pahiram ah!

    Laptop - Aba-aba nahirit pa ng netbook. Sony Vaio is a good choice.

    Branded Wears - i'm not into branded and signatured clothes. I just wear what is comfy for me. Mahirap na ko jologs pa. hahahaha!

    Siguro gusto ni God namagkaron ka ng time for yourself. Kaya ayun ginawa ka niyang single. pansinin mo naman daw sarili mo...wag puro ibang tao. Love yourself pare! Haba ng comment ko. Sorry!

  4. di naman masama maging maluho paminsan-minsan basta alam lang nating magdala at kung ano ang importante...(nagsalita ako..)

  5. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... ang haba ng reply ko kanina.. kainis... di nagpost...

    @lhuy: sure mabibili mo yan.. at magagwa mo lahat ng gusto mo.. kaw pa... apir...

    @Mayen: i'll buy PSP and ipad kung di ako makakabili ng iphone... pero kung iphone mabili ko... di na ako bibili ng psp..

    @Sey: hwaahhahah.... points by point comment mo... anyway... pareho tayo... lab ko ang patapon.. di ba meron na patapon two? ehehhehe... super natutuwa ako kahit sa music lang niya... PON PON PATAPON PATA PATA PATAPON... PON PON PATAPON PATA PATA PATAPON... PON PON PATAPON PATA PATA PATAPON... PATAPON... bungisngis...

    eheheh... siguro nga.. kaya niya ginusto na maghiwalay kami ay para magkaron ako ng time sa buhay ko at magkaroon ng dereksyon.. sa totoo lang... ayaw ko mag abroad noon.. kasi ayaw ko mawalay sa kanya.. eheheh.. pero now... look at me... I am happy again...

    @Iya: yeah.. di masama ang maging maluho... basta may pambili ka at alam mo ang limitations mo...

  6. hehe, korek! yung Patapon parang laban mo sa buhay, diba yung Pon Pon patapon, walk forward, tapos yung pata pata pata pon naman attack. kung hindi baligstad. hehehe. talagang nagpahabol pa ako ng comment. OO nga AL, masaya ka na. Buti naman.

  7. hahaha.... tama ka dyan SEY... parang laban nga natin sa buhay... kaw na ang magaling sa patapon... ehehehe... kaya mula ngayon.. si pon-pon na tawag ko sa iyo... HI PON-PON... ehehhee

  8. It is always good to set goals - and since pinaghihirapan mo naman, it's important to reward yourself.

  9. Jellow ATE AL.. hahaha joke lang.. :) Nung una gusto ko din mag photography, pero wag na lang kase madame pa akong ibang ambition eh. hehehe.. at paano naman nawala PSP mo? Hmmm... VAIO ang laptop ko ngayon.. dito sa tate.. pero pag uwi ko balik ako sa gateway, kase hindi naman papauwi sa kin ni mama tong vaio.. pero super ganda.. at super bilis kaya GO! Ewan ko lang sa NET book. Pero actually di naman talaga kase ako mahilig sa gadget, bigyan mo akong 3315..forever ko gagamitin yun. Yung phone ko nga ngayon na lollipop halos di ko ginagalaw. Isang week yata bago malowbat. Hahahahha!

    Isa pa sang-ayon ako sayo sa branded clothing. Hindi sa susyalera ako. Totoo niyan simple lang ako manamit, pero kase minsan mas maganda yung matibay. Kase yung iba mura nga ssira naman agad. di ba? AYun lang!!! Balita ko may bago ka daw VBLOG... may naisip ako..

    pagsamahin natin ang ating vblog! ahahahahah :)

  10. ganyan pala ang DSLR akala ko broadband yan.hahaha prang pLdt ba.jeje

    i want to have laptop also.pra dna ako makikigamit.

  11. naks DSLR cam, isa yan sa hiling ng thirdy ko.. hehe! sbi ko sa knya soooooon..

    pabor ako sa branded at signature kasi nga matibay compared sa hindi..

  12. ASAn na ang comment ko dito nawala.

  13. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... OMG OMG!! whhyy o whyy? ahahahaha..... english mamenn!! hehe.. bruce lee lang ang naintindihan ko. hahahaha. joke..

    tama dapat meron kang mga pangarap at agtiwala ka sa sarili mo na kaya mo itong maabot. ^_^

  14. sige ako na ang PONPON, ikaw PATAPON. hahaha! meron na nga nun Patapon 2 pero hindi ko yung na-try. busy ang lola mo.

  15. naks... sir i would recommend po na intayin nyo na sa market yung new psp than buying the psp go. it's already been announced...


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