Friday, August 19, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg and G+ Games

I really don’t know what makes it pretty special to see some famous personalities in your friends list or following list of your Social Media Account. Like for Example in my Twitter account I often see Anne Curtis (Filipina Actress) updating her fans through her Twitter Account or Alessandra De Rossi for instant she always teasing Smokey Manaloto  (Both are from Philippine Showbiz) in Twitter.

But for the two of now best Social Media, it is something amazing to see your rival to sign up to your website.

I mean.

Everybody knows that Mark Zuckerberg  is the creator of Facebook and has admitted that he has G+ account, he signed up with G+ but never updated his account, not even once, but what makes it funny is that G+ admits that Mark Zuckerbergk has the most number of following, even though he doesn’t update his account. Paul Allen (not the Microsoft co-founder) in the other hand, he only has about some 23000 followers in his G+ account.

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Just about a week ago, G+ has updated their Social Media, they already included Games as one of the options and service of their site, a lot of people has already tried playing some of the games.

Awhile ago, I was surprised to see Mark Zuckerbergk has also tried playing some of the Google Plus Games, I was like WOW!!! It’s Mark Zuckerberg playing here in G+. although I was thinking that maybe he just tried some of the games in G+ for him to have some Idea on how he can make Facebook much interesting than G+…

Well I don’t have problems if Mark Zuckerberg will play or update his G+ account.. Anyway he just human… and a very tough competitor. And just like what the old quotes says “Keep your friends close - hold your enemies closer”…

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  1. Musta na Pare? Parang di na ako nakakasubaybay sa mga posts mo.Malimit na akong bumisita sa blog.

    Now onto the post. I feel so nauseated about that fuckwit Zuckerberg whose intention of social playing or social G+spotting is for him to let the mob suck his network invention, supplying all the shit the hollographic world can provide. No offence but it feels sickening seeing his face on the top of my dick's orifice.

    Also: Since I gross you with the above comment, I will outgross you about me playing G+games with my friend whore rubbing my body. I was really energized with her moves that I was able to slam-dunked the game. I won the shit.

    Good day folk.

  2. @Denase: ahahahha,.. I am playing a lot of G+ games now.. than Facebook.. and I've been yousing G+ more than FB... eheheheh

  3. Is it really Mark Zuckerberg? I saw that account but I was hesitant of the identity. Anyway, you said it right,hold your enemies or should i say rival or competitor (with their case) closer. Now that Google+ is taking a huge success especially to bloggers, Facebook should really feel the threat.

    I seldom use FB now that it's too crowded. Or maybe I just felt overwhelmed or bored now that I am no longer interested with playing games.

  4. talaga si c Mr facebook may G+ din.. hehe

  5. buti pa sila nakapasok na ako di pa talaga... ano ba yun...


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