Monday, February 13, 2012

The new look of Twitter

The Twitter has a new look, but I don’t think everybody has idea about this, because when I log-in to my twitter account yesterday and noticed the big changes going on, I immediately called Akoni and asked him if he as well see the new look of twitter, but to my dismay he said that he don’t and he is still has the old version of twitter, I am not sure if Twitter has updated or redesign their timeline, but all I know, this is the first time I saw this kind of profile.

There is a big change in Twitter’s new design, from the timeline that used to be on the left side, now it’s in the right side of the page, down to how you reply and how you check for your direct messages.

Bellow is the draft of the new features of Twitter.

Of course if you’re no longer new to Twitter this need no further explanations, this where you can find your way back to Twitter timeline.

In this section you can find your full interactions and mentions to any replys, retweets, follows and tweets that you made as well as the new features called "In replay to (insert name)".

is where you can find who to follow, activities, find friends and categories, in here you will be prompted with variety of items that you will might be interested base on your current locations.

In this buttons, once you clicked it, it will allow you to go to your Direct Messages, List, Help, Settings and most of all allow you to log-out from Twitter.

This is a new Twitter Tab, this allows you to create new Tweet Message to your friends and love ones, update your status, you can also upload photos, add your location and link to videos, news and more.

Besides these new tabs, the new Twitter design will allow companies express their trademark in a better way; the company pages created here will feature larger header of images for photos and logos and even room for a tagline and any other additional images. Marketers can even promote tweets by putting one on the top of their page’s timeline. This tweet will appear large so that visitors to the page can instantly notice it.

This is Twitter Profile look like.
See the timeline it's in the other side.

This is the @connect page where you can find your mention.

This is the Home section, where in you can start all over again.

So there you go, the new Twitter Looks.

Thank you.


  1. Hindi ko masyadong pansin kasi 'di ko madalas visitahin ang tweeter account ko.
    Di halatang parte na ang buhay mo ang tweeter.

    1. Uu mon.. isa na yan sa mahahalagang website sa puso ko next to your blog.. naks... nice to see your here in blog again...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. si Ate Showie yun po Mommy Razz... na naging Blue Spongebob na... ahahahhaha.....

  3. Hindi ko rin ma-gets yan. I have two twitter accounts, dati yung public ko (@princessmayen) old layout tapos yung isa kong twitter account ganyan. Ngayon parehas na silang ganyan. Mas gusto ko yung dati.

    1. aha... at meron ka palang ibang twitter account hah.... ahahhaha... ako rin naguguluhan ako sa twitter na yan... ehehhehe... masgusto ko rin yun dati.... yahooooo

  4. puro si ate leah ang nasa interactions hihihi

    ok naman sa akin ang bagong look ng twitter. lang problema. =D

  5. hehe ikaw din pala eh nabagohan sa new look... :)


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