Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yup, alright, I am a Michael Jackson Fan, I can’t sing, I can’t dance but I can definitely do that MOONWALK thing, yeah boy!!! Cool isn’t it, the glide , the robot dance, the kick, oh yeah, I’ve missed him so much.

Ever since I can remember, I am already a fan of Michael Jackson, I really love his style, his moves, his song, most especially his dance, I remember I would sit all they long just to watch his concert on BETAMAX (yes, you read it right, BETAMAX), for me he is the greatest dancer ever lived, I was so shock and so sad when I heard that his dead, I just woke up when I saw the text message on my cellphone, It was Fatty, she sent me an SMS, she said, “Please watch FOX NEWS, MJ is dead”, oh! Men, just a week before his supposed major last concert “THIS IS IT”, he died. I can’t believe and up to now I still can’t.

But anyway, this post is not about him, Toinks,.

Last night, before I went to bed, I saw the blog entry of Kamil, it’s about the Dance Showdown in her 18th birthday party, naks (penge ng cake), although I haven’t seen the entire video yet, but deep inside my heart, I felt jealousy, because next to Architecture, dancing is one of my biggest frustrations in life.

When I was still elementary, During our foundation day I always joined dancing competition, but the problem is, they always have this cultural dance competition, they rarely held modern dance (weeeee), I remember before, we dance the Pandango sa Ilaw, Tinikling, Tausug Dance called Pangalay and many more.

In High School , I really want to join this group of dancers, but I haven’t given the chance because first they did not conduct any auditions, second I don’t know how to dance, third they don’t want anybody to join their group, huhuhu, so I just focus myself in other things, like Magic, at least in that way, I am the only one who knows the craft.

Then in my College year, yeah, P.E. days, I took up Dance, but, again, it’s a cultural dance, huwaaa, and also, that’s the time where I become addicted to DRUGS ROCK BAND. And also those time, if you are a dancer, it seems like you’re like a piece of shit to the eyes of the Rockers, so I decided to get rid of my dreams of becoming a dancer and joined my friends in head banging.

But you know what, up to now, I still do want to learn it, if you use my laptop, you’ll see that I have a lot of MJ videos there, I always watch Step UP, but of course I just watch the dancing scene, oh men, ok, I admit, even though I can’t dance, every time I am in Zamboanga, every morning, I always play some disco music and try to dance alone, it’s like my exercise routine every day, to keep my body in shape (as if I have a good shape), but frankly speaking, dancing is one of the best way to keep your body fit.

Well that’s it for now, before I finally let your go, I’ll leave you this video From the worlds most graceful Dancer Michael Jackson.


Thank you for reading.

If you know how to dance, please teach me.



  1. i love MJ din pero ibang MJ, michael jordan.. hehe!

    sorry singer ako di ako dancer kaya di kita maturoan.. hahaha

  2. same here.. like ko rin si MJ.. Mike Jordan.. eheheh his airness... yahoo....

  3. noong nasa elementary pa ako gusto ko din matutong magsayaw umabot hangang second year trying hard akong sumali sa mga sayaw sayaw kaya lang si di maipaliwanag na pangyayari bigla akong tumangkad ng biglaan during my 3rd year as in biglaan kaya biglang awkward ng sumayaw.Kaya ngayon at 5'10 1/2 wag na wag mo akong pasasayawin kong ayaw mo ng away

  4. ang tangkad mo naman pala pare .. 5'10 1/2... pwede akin nalang ang 1/2... 5'10 din sana ako.. kaso di pa uso ang cherryfer noon eh... united america tiki-tiki palang... kaya 5'3 lang ako... eheheh.... ako hangang ngayon... gusto ko pa rin matutong sumayaw... saka maganda kaya ang matangkad na sumayaw...

  5. natawa ako sa comment ni Diamond R. bwahaha! Diamond R, sayaw tayo! joke lang!

    I used to dance during elementary days. I also did some when I was in high school but those days were gone since college life is so demanding I forgot how to dance.

    Tangkad ni Diamond R, maganda ngang sumayaw ang matangkad, agree ako dun. (teka parang and comment ko is about sa comment niyo- hehe).

    siguro destiny mo ang maging folk and cultural dancer.

  6. ako din sumasayaw ako nung 1st year kaso naiba ang trip ko nung 2nd yr hanggang mag 4th year ako kasi bumanda ako!! hahaha feeling ko kasi puro kaliwa ang paa ko! ahahha

  7. @Sey: Hahahah... uu nga..ang tangkad ni papa raymond... panalong panalo talaga...

    wow.. nice naman at nagsasaywa ka rin pala.. asteg ka na niyan.. ako gusto ko sana eh.. kaso walang magtuturo eh... eheheheh..

    Uu sey... baka nga destiny ko ang maging cultural dancer.. yung ati atihan...

    @Iya: ako naman... feeling ko parehong walaakong paa.. kapag nagsasayaw... ehehehe... hindi talaga ako matutu... ehehhehe...

  8. ako nasali ako sa theater dati AL... kaso pang-acting lang ako dun.. di kase ako marunong sumayaw, kumanta, mga bida namin sa club na yun mga all stars.. kaya lahat.

    hehhe ngayon wala na ako maalala.. hehhe parang lage kase musical mga theme namin.

    Anyhhooo.. pag naman naiisip ko si Michael Jackson, naaalala ko bf ko.. hahha kase favorite din niya.. at ang simple lang ng dahilan kaya niya gusto..hehehe kapangalan daw kase niya.. buset.. hahaha..

    wait mo yung video

  9. Folk dancer ako.. marunong din namn ako ng hiphop, kaso hindi yata bagay. hehe.. step right, step left lang yata alam ko.. choz. goodluck.. take up dance lessons.. :)

  10. @Kamil: ahahaha... ako din.. nasali din ako sa theater club namin noon.. ehehhe... madami din kami nagawang project na hindi lahat kumita... kasi walang nanonood.. kung meron man... sapilitan pa.... ehheheheh....

    @Leah: wow.. folk dancer.. nice.. nice.. ncie... ako mahilig lang ako sa hip-hop.. kaso ayaw naman ata sa akin eh.... anyway.. ayaw ko na kumuha ng dance lesson.. kung noong high school pa ako... malamang... pero now... di bale na lang... magmagic na lang ako....

  11. Parang di yata bagay ang matangkad sumayaw kasi yong kapatid ko pag sumasayaw pinapatigil ko.nakikita ko ang sarili ko.Karamihan sa magagaling sumayaw maliit lang. Pero malay mo nga naman matutong bigla.

    Nag theater arts din ako noong high school para umiwas sa trigonometry kasi elective namin sila. Pero puro pa cute lang ang ginawa ko. Nahihiya ako pag may nakatingin sa akin.

    sigi Sey sayaw tayo sweet lang. talagang nagcomment sa comment.


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