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At last here he is, THOR The god of THUNDER, the mightiest of them all, Donald M. Blake is the son of Odin Lord of Asgard…

The Legend of Thor is based from the Norse mythology, he is the son of Odin lord of the Asgardian gods and Gaea an earth goddess, he was sent to earth for him to learn and accept his task, his Father Odin remove his memory of being a god and now he must find his way back home. As a man he was known as Donald Blake.

Donald Blake’s source of power is some sort of a Hammer called Mjolnir, it was forged from the Asgardian Metal and is believe to be extremely durable weapon, the Hammer when strike to rock would turn Donald Blake to Mighty Thor the god of Thunder, it is also believe that the hammer can only be lift by those who has a good moral character and right conducts and with a great integrity, it was also believe that the only mortal who lifted the hammer was Captain America and there was also one rumors that was Ironman who lifted it, The hammer can summon the elements wind, rain, thunder, and lightning for the wielder to use at their discretion, it is also believe that the hammer can open portals or gateway to other planet or places, it has also the ability of time travelling but Immortus removed it.

Thor was created by Stan Lee the Father of Marvel Comics, it was stated that Stan Lee said “How do you make someone stronger than the strongest (referring to Hulk or maybe to some other Superhero from Kypton, Joke), he said don’t make him human – make him a god.”


I remember watching Marvel Comics strip when I was still a child, I really enjoy watching those superhero character moving in fancy motion, I really don’t know how to describe it, but it’s really like you are reading a comics book in television, it jump from one scene to another scene, from one motion to another motion, I can still remember the golden age of Marvel Comics.

I am excited to watch this movie because I haven’t seen any of Mighty Thor Movie, except in cartoon, and also I only have about 4 comics book of him.

I am excited because Marvel is now slowly introducing the members of the Avenger.

In Ironman 2 they have this scene of a group of U.S. Secret Agent found a Hammer in a big crater, then the camera role and revealed it’s a hammer, I believe that the Hammer belongs to Thor.

Ok so here it is…

The Trailer for THOR.
May 6, 2011

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  1. Please let me now if I successfully Uploaded the Trailer.... thanks...

  2. AL additional info. Nabuhat ko yang sort of hammer na ayn-Ayon nah...
    wow galing naman nito.

  3. ayos to...hindi ka mauubosan ng iba-blog nito, lahat ata ng movies, gagawaan mo e..hehehe

  4. Al!!!!! :) Bakit kaya lagi kita tinatawag kada magcocomment ako ng AL!!!!!! hahahaha..anyhoo..

    ako may certificate ako ng Good Moral Character... hmm..pwede na ba ako mag-lift ng hammer na iyon? Hehehee..dumadalaw lang with a smile on the my face... at uyy! message mo ko asap ahhh about dun sa alam mo na yun.. :)

  5. uyy AL.. i can't play the video.

  6. ayaw mag play ng video!!!!!!!

  7. Ayan.. inulit ko na lang ang pag upload... malamang magplay na po yan...

  8. @Mond: ahahhaha... pahiram kapag nalift mo ang hammer na yan... ahahhaha... meron lang akong papakuin sandali... toinks...

    @Akoni: Uu... mukhangtrip ko ang mga movies ngayon... bukas baka spiderman naman or Green Lantern and eblog ko...

    @Uu.. mamaya na sa bahay.. sent ko sa iyo.. yahooo... ikaw na bahala... bweeheheheh.... meron ka certificate ng GMRC.. ehehhehe... ako wala...

    @Iya... : ayan baka magplay na po siya...

  9. the video is not working Al, natawa nmana ako sa comment ni akoni. mahilig ka talaga sa mga super heroes no? Ako kasi hindi masyado. gusto ko mga princesses, si snowhite ang favorite ko. haha.. anu ba to walang connect ang pinagsasabi.

    Dati naalala ko yung tatay ko nagdadala ng comics may marvel at my archie, bigay ng Tito na dati nag wo-work sa publishing. syempre archie ang pinipili ko yung utol ko nagbabasa ng marvel. hehe..

  10. ARCHIE and friends... ehehhehe.... favorite ko rin yan...kasi kaya ko siya naging favorite eh.. kasi fave siya ni ate... ehhehehe.... pa english english pa si Archie noon... my best friend siya si Jughead... yung may corona sa ulo.. I am not sure kung korona ba yun o ano.. na mukha ni Pinocchio ang ilong... tapos maitim... si Archie naman blond ang buhok... ahhahahha

  11. @Kamil... yehey.. nagwork na siya... sabi ko na nga ba kanina hindi siya magwork eh... actually two months na yan naka tengga sa draft ko... now ko lang na upload... ehehhehe

  12. eiyowhz pfowhz!!!!

    maya pnorin ko ung vid...jeje...nakablock kc kme dito ih....wolo long....

  13. movie marathon ka al ah.. hehe!

  14. @Lhuy: weeee... magnada yan.. trailer palang.... ehehhehe

    @Mommy_Razz: opo.. movie marathon tayo now... ehehhehe

  15. I never had the chance to read any of the Marvel Comics. All we have then are funny comics.

    I love stories about Gods and Goddesses specifically Greek Mythology that's why I love the movie Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief!

  16. I haven't seen that movie in clear mode... always ang mga nacocopya ko ay pangit... hayst.. I want to watch it yung walang sira ang movie at tapos walang mga extra na biglang tatayo sa screen..

  17. i dont have guts to watch movies pero maganda siya yung trailer nakaka exite din hehe

  18. Em... bakit naman wala kang gutz? ehehhehe


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