Sunday, April 10, 2011

Green Lantern

Unlike the other superheroes we’ve known Green Lantern is one of the most prominent league of super heroes, there are hundreds of them, and six of them was from Earth, each of that Green Lantern poses a magical ring which able them to control over the physical world as long as they have the willpower.

The First Green Lantern was Allan Scott, he was an Engineer, a Metal Lantern spoke to him and told him that he can used it and it would brim power, he forge it to ring and uses it to fight against crime, the thing is the ring must be recharge or else it will lose its power, he must touch it to the lantern every 24 hours.

The second was Hal Jordan, a test Pilot, this time they change the story and plot of the Green Lantern, Abin Sura one of the Green Lantern spoke to him and told him he will poses a Magical Ring and became of the Green Lantern Corp, he must used it to fight against crime he will become a member of the Intergalactic Force overseen by immortals called as The Guardians of the Universe.

- I like him very much compare to John Stewart, the Black guy from The Justice League, he is serious and more silent compare to Hal Jordan who is more cool and outspoken.

I really like watching Green Lantern because of the kind of power he has, I like his identity specially Hal Jordan, good thing they chose the character of Hal to appear in the Movie Version.

Ok so here it is.

The Green Lantern Movie Trailer.

In Theater (June 17,2011)


- There are 6 of them from Earth who became a member of the Green lantern, and these are Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Garndner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Jade.

- Jade is the first Female EarthLink to become the Green lantern and was alo the daughter of Alan Scott.

- In the upcoming Green Lantern Movies, Ryan Raynold will play the Character of Hal Jordan, the Second EarthLink who becomes a member of the Green Lantern.

- Abin Sur crushed to earth; before he died he gave his Ring to Hal Jordan to become his successor.

- In the full length carton special, Hal Jordan as the Earth Link Green Lantern faces Sinestro a traitor who wants to over power the immortal Guardians and rule the Universe. I dont know how it's like in the live action movie, I think their enemy will be called as Parallax

- He also meet Kelowod and Tamar-Re a certified alien and is also a Green Lantern.
- The Planet of the Green lantern is known as Oa.

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  1. naku another super hero courtesy of al. siguro kaya gusto mo sya kasi green sya no? hehe

  2. Seryoso... as in... seryoso... ngayon ko lang narinig ang Green Lantern... hahaha pramis!!! :)

  3. ngyn ko lang nkita na my superhero pala na green lantern.. nice info al..

  4. @Mayen: Tamaaa... ehehehhe, kaya ko siya gusto ay dahil sa green din siya... ehehhe... musta na...

    @Kamil: seryoso di mo siya kilala.. ahahha... siya si Hal Jordan.. ang aking idolo.

    @Mommy_Razz: ahahaha.. now you know...

  5. parang di siya super hero kasi green lantern. Pero i heard this movie. showing na ba yan? dito ko lang nalaman ang character na yan ay superhero pala siya.

  6. nakita ko yung teaser niyan sa big screen Al, ang galing. pero ang information ikaw ang nagbigay ng buong-buo. Natawa ako sa comment ni Mayen, kaya daw gusto mo siya kasi green! hahaha!


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