Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yesterday, the world witness the once in a lifetime Royal Wedding, YES!!! At least once in a life time, because not every day you get to witness these kind of wedding, the world seem stopped  and paused for awhile, you can almost hear the wedding bells around, everybody in our camp talks about this special event, and almost all the people watched that unforgettable wedding vow of the two royal highness.

While watching it, I can’t help myself but to think, “How is it like to be a Prince” I could be given a chance to become rich but never be as a prince, “How is it like to be loved by your fellow countryman” all his life, Prince William lived in the shadow of media, everything he does is almost recorded, 24/7 the reporters follow him, wow, it must be difficult to be him and at the same time amazing.

In 2004 When I was in Malaysia, I also witness the Royal Wedding of the Crowned Prince of Brunei Darussalam through National Television; it was elegant and was attended by thousands of people, it was unforgettable and until now, people of Brunei still talks about it.

So after I watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, Me and my friends can’t stop talking about the wedding and how is it like to be a Prince or a Princes. Nyeheheheh. During the wedding, you can really see the romance in the air and the magic is everywhere.

Their wedding was also attended by thousands of people and well know personality, and among them was Elton John (Whom we know a close friend of the late Princess Diana), when I saw him on live telecast over the Internet, I remember the song “Candle in the Wind” which he sang during the funerals of Princess Diana, wow, I missed her everlasting smile, I wonder what would Princess Dianna say if she’s still alive, she might be the happiest mother in the world.

The Royal Wedding Kiss... So Sweet.

Best Wishes to the both of you.

Thank you for reading.



  1. I also watched the wedding because I am fascinated to princes and princesses. I love reading articles about real life royals.

    I hope they'll get their happily ever after.

  2. I don't know what happened dito sa camp kahit isa walang nakakaalam na may royal wedding wala kasi akong TV kaya walang access sa mga nagaganap sa ibang panig ng mundo.
    at least ayan nakakita na ako ng first picture.

  3. at bakit naman nakapula si William.

  4. ang inabangan na royal kiss.. hehe! :P

  5. lahat nlng ng puro royal wedding... kakasawa.. paulit-ulit.. nakakabobo. ahahaha

  6. wow gumanda lalo ang layout mo sir. hehe. pero astig nmn talga ng royal wedding. pero mas naastigan ako sa life story ni kate middleton

  7. ndi ko sya napanood...tnx sa update...

    dapat pula tlaga ang outfit?hehehe

  8. i missed watching the event. xempre may mga consequences ang pagiging royalty

  9. I wonder how much is their total expenses. I know they don't mind about their money LOL but I just wonder.


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