Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valentine Entry

Ok this is my Valentines Entry for this year, and since this is my first time to do this, I want to share out to you one nice and simple story of my life. I’ve been planning not to make any entry about my love life or Valentine, but I think I just can’t, after all this is blogging and there are no rules in writing.


Ok here we go.

I hope you like.



I met her way back when I was in college
She’s so nice, pretty and smart.
Easy to be with.
Funny and has a sense of humor.

I can still remember her smile.
Her looks.
Her eyes.
The way she laugh.
And the way she tells a thing.

I can still remember the first time I saw her
She is running around.
Trying to catch something.
I was standing at the corner when she passed by.
I said “Hello Miss”
And she replied “Hello din”

A semester later, we became friends
Classmates and seatmates.
Indeed, she was so smart.
She’s our class president,
As well as in our Org.

One day, we went to this resort
Where our love story begun
I told her, I like her
She glanced me with her beautiful smile
She said that she might like me
“IF” I will be a good boy.

“Hmmmm” am I not a good boy?
That’s what I told her.
She smiled again and said
“just continue to do so”

To make the story short
We became lovers
We became best of friends
We became partners in crime
Most of all,
We became an ideal  sweet couple.

We’re always together
We have shared a lot of laughter’s and tears
Joys and sorrows
Sunny and rainy days

Together we discovered the world
Together we discovered our difference
Together we discovered our self
Together we discovered who really we are

I’ve learned so much from her
And she have learned so much from me
She taught me a lot of things
And I taught her a lot of things either

We are almost perfectly compatible for each other
Except for “one thing”
I am a Muslim and she is a Christian
And the people around us kept us apart
And I don’t know why?

For almost nine years we've been together
We’ve fought for each other
We’ve tried to explained
We’ve tried to showed to the world that we love each other
Until she met this one Handsome man
She fell in love with this guy
After almost nine years she tells me
she’s braking up with me

I asked her “why?”
She said
He is sincere
And most of all “CHRISTIAN”
Damn! God ALLAH knows how much she broke my heart
Everybody saw me how much I cried for her
Everybody knows how much I’ve tried to fight for her
But it didn’t worked

And now,
she’s gone,
with that handsome man

It’s been two years now
But the pain is still real
God knows how much I’ve loved and missed that girl
The GIRL that once mine.




  1. aray... because of religion? That's insane Kuya Al.. huhuhuhuhu....

  2. yeah... that's insane... I can't give you enough reason to love me... but I can always give you 4 good reason to hate me... ehehehehe....

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