Sunday, February 27, 2011

Magician vs. Me.

I am very happy right now because finally I already have the permission and approval of my friend for me to introduce to all of you his blog, I've been visiting his blog ever since but I did not follow him literally in my blog because of the fact that his blog is all about MAGIC, although we both share the same interest but at least when it comes to blogging, his style is way too far from my approach, I blog anything about life while he blog anything about MAGIC.

I’ve known this guy for almost four years now and I can say that as Card Magician he is one of the best ever there is that Philippines could ever have, I sometimes wish I was him or had a hand like him so that I could roam around and show-off my talent, this guy is not just a Magician by Profession but a Mentor and a Founder of the popular Long Running Magic Group in the Philippines called The Story Circle (TSC), I’ve met this group way back 2008 but I just formally joined them last January of 2010.

I consider him not just a fellow Magician but as one of my Good Friend, I hope that everyone who followed me shall also follow him, I hope you can also give him the warmest smile and hugs that you guys showed me when I finally take serious of blogging. He already appeared in Philippine local television as special guest particularly in TV5-Joey De Leon’s MEGANON  and GMA's AHA Show.

In his blog you will learn some technique and great effect that every popular magician used in their performance, he will let you believe the unthinkable in the would of MAGIC, he will let you see the impossible and most of all he will let you be amaze and experience the feeling of wonder.

Ladies and GentleDOGmen I would like to introduce to you, the man behind The Story Circle, Richard Gutierrez (just namesake) A.K.A. “TRYCKS ” of

Please follow him and together lets enjoy his MAGIC.

Visit for more MAGIC.


  1. wow nice..magic magic magic.. hindi ao nahilig sa magic..pero madali ako ma-amaze.. heheheh

  2. sana video yung pnakita u kuya hehe para ma amaze pa kami lalo

  3. i love magic pero hindi pa ako nkakapanood ng live.. kailan kaya? hehe

  4. @Kamil: ako super hilig ko sa magic... ehehhe...

    @Em: nasa blog niya ang mga video... dami doon...

    @Mommy_rAZZ: Pagnagkita tayo.. magikan kita....

  5. magic magic!! ang laam ko lang na-magic ay yung napuputol ang daliri kunwari!! hahaha

  6. yan ang unang magic na natutunan ko... eheheh..

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