Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Complicated

I was so bored and I got nothing to do here in my office, so decided to post another entry for my blog, hope you like it, some times life is too complicated to handle, that is why the title of this poem is complicated, read and you shall understand.

AL Diwallay

I think I like her
She thinks I’m crazy
I think she’s nice
She thinks I’m lazy
I think we could be a good partner
She thinks I can’t be trusted
I think we’ll be happy together
She thinks I will just play around

Well I am late for work
And she rush through the Station
I stand in line and buy my MRT ticket
She sat down and look outside the window
As I enter the train
She saw me
She was suppose to ignore me
But I smiled at her

And she said she’ll ignore me for life
And I said I will love her for the
rest of my life
And she said she’ll hate me more than
And I said I'm gonna take care of
you with my whole life

Oh how much I wanted to be with her
She always goes in different direction
She’s always on my mind
And she always tells me to stop
following her

I love her
She loves him
He loves the other girl
The other girl loves another guy
Oh man... what else do we want

~the end~


  1. Parang may kantang related dyan?
    James Blunt? Your Beautiful

    astig ang poem..

    pang valentines.. ;)

    nice work!

  2. familiar...pero ayos pang-love month.

  3. @Kristia: eheheheh.... my kinuha akong linya ng isa sa favorite song ko ng River Maya... "The princess of disguise" pero medyo inba ko ng onte... dalawang line ng song ang nandyan.. pero may variation... eheheh... oh kala ko may itatanong ka sa akin?

    @Akoni: Love month talaga ahhh... ehehhe... wala ako kapartner... pwede ikaw na lang...


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