Friday, February 11, 2011

My Very Simple Ace Trick

Last December 2010, I opened my last piece of bicycle deck I brought from the Philippines and practice some familiar method and technique in card magic, after all I love card magic, so I begin to devote some time and effort to master again my favorite routine.

It was about a year now since I last practiced MAGIC, ever since I got here to Saudi I already stop practicing it, I thought I should now be more focus to my life and reality rather than to practice this craft and ends up nothing, but I was wrong, I could never leave my passion and I can never be the person I am if I will forget and turn my back from my hobby, I am now craving for the excitement and joy that Magician felt every time they amazed some spectators on the street or anywhere else.

I admit, it is not easy to learn this art and this is not for people who has a very short temper and patient, because in practicing this craft you should have a lot of tolerant in your heart, you should always remember that you don’t plant a seed today and expect that you can harvest it tomorrow, this is not a Farmville application, you should be sincere and focus.

My interest in magic begun when I was still a kid, my father showed me two match stick crossed together and one of them jumped, since then I grew up searching for the solution of that simple magic and other magic that I saw on both TV and other people but due to lack of resources my interest in magic just faded away like a bubble.

Then on 2005, I was in one of the malls in Manila, so I decided to search for this one magic shop that my father told me before and after about 30 minutes, there I found it at last, the magic shop that would change my life forever. (Naks) I bought some bicycle deck and some magic videos and begin practicing magic right away.  

So here it is I’m just sharing this one out to you.

My Very Simple Ace Trick.



  1. i agree with you that you cannot run away from who you really are no matter what you do. doing magic is a cool hobby.that trick you did there amazed me. :) keep it up.

  2. Wow.. is that a compliments. thank you...


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