Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Codename: musingan

A code name a.k.a cryptonym is a word or name used clandestinely to refer to another name or word. Code names are often used for military purposes, or in espionage. They may also be used in industry to protect secret projects and the like from business rivals.

Yesterday…. One of my colleagues in magic named HIGH PRIESTESS posted the question “Bakit yan ang FORUM name mo?” in our TSC Magic Forum! And then she started by answering her own question, it was a big hit and earned numerous readers and gained overloaded answers from our fellow magicians.

And of course as part of the group I also joined the conversation yesterday and this was my answers.

musingan is the name... oh yeah!!!

First!!! Let's define "Musingan" it is a Tausug word means madungis.. yung batang ngusngusin o mga batanga yaggit... maraming sipon sa ilong na puno na ng dumi ang mukha.. tulo sipon.. sabay singhot ulit.. pahid sa manggas ng damit.. yung tipong ganun.. that's the exact definition for musingan.

I always used this ever since I was High School... the first person who used this adjective as a codename was someone from Zamboanga City, SHE (take note "SHE") used the Call Sign Musingan in "iCOM" yung tapong radio,, Go ahead.. go go.. yung mga ginagamit ng pulis... roger! roger!.. go ahead over.. copy! copy! yung tipong ganun.. are you familiar with that,... mga rubber ducky yung ganon.. so she used the Call Sign "Musingan" then all the guys are starting to tease her.. one day.. during the EB of their group.. lahat ng kalalakihan tulala.. kasi the girl behind the name "Musingan" was so pretty and gorgeous... kabaliktaran sa pangalan niya...

The second one who used this name was my sister..... but it was just for fun... because her real call sign was "Wisky Lady"...

When Internet became popular in 1995, I used musingan as my nickname in mIRC chat room... "musingan" and up until now.. I still used this nickname...
I never write it in capital letter.. gusto ko kasi all small letter.. wala lang.. trip ko lang... bakit ba..

2007.. nauso ang tinatawag na clan clan sa cellphone... my younger brother used this codename.. "musingan" I got no choice but to change my name to "sumping" again a tausug word means bulaklak...

Below is the codename I always used.

musingan = mIRC until now
spacemonkey = mIRC
too_much = mIRC
cutebutt = mIRC (i got this from the movie "there is something about mary" yung tinawag na siya ng friend niya " Lady bug.. get your cute butt down here")
sumping = "cell phone clan"
rehsidla naman sa YM or rehsidla_diwa

Yahoo… tambling muna ako dito tapos duon… yahoo…. Kayo… bakit yan ang blog name niyo or shall we say CODENAME niyo?

Ayun oh.. mema… yahoo.. memakwento lang….




  1. ayos yon pala yon. Code name talaga.ang hilig kasi ng tao gumawa ng code name.wala akong code name yong Diamond R. English lang ng Diamante Midle name KO at R for My short name.Minsan yong ACRe from my blog title.Don Given nickname ko naman. Minsan i mix my nick name Don and real name Rommel pero di pa rin siya codename kasi yon pa rin yon.

  2. ah yan pala meaning ng musingan.. i see

    ako? simply lang becoz im a mom kaya mommyRazz!!

  3. Yun pala ibig sabihin ng musingan! Lol
    Ako bakit moks? Short for mokong! Yun lng parekoy.

  4. kaya pala musingan! now i know

  5. Akoni, ibig sabihin, ako to.

  6. napipicture ko itsura mo! ahahah! uhugin! eeewww!

    kailangan ko pa bang iexplain ba't yun name ko?!! di ba halata?! lol


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