Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Card Monte

Last weekend, one of our Nepalese Driver named Amrit Pokharali asked me to show him some Magic Tricks using cards, it is actually my favorite item to use, so I didn’t hesitate, I took my card and show him, when one of my Filipino Friend saw what we are doing, he insisted that if I want it to be filmed, of course who wouldn’t want too, so I said “YES”, he took his Digicam and started to roll the recording.

The magic I performed to Amrit was one of my favorite opener trick, I often used this tricks whenever I want to perform magic to other people, I really like this magic, because it didn’t just let me changed the identity of the card but also let me allow the audiences or spectators to participate in my performances, and also let me combine Magic and Mentalism.

This magic is called “The Two Card Monte”, I am not sure who invented this tricks but I am sure that it was popularized by David Blaine in one of his television magic special, taken from the concept of the famous “Three Card Monte”, this is already a classic tricks and was performed by many magicians since early 1900 from around the world, this is also considered to be one of the toughest in terms of technicality because it contained several sleights of hand to which not every magicians can do it.

This trick really requires lots of misdirection, eye to eye contact, strong command, audience management, timing and most of all lots of courage and self confidence to do it, Magic is not an easy one to practice but I can always says that it can be learn if you are really interested, in this simple performance you’ll see how I handle every single seconds that my spectators spend time with me.

So here it is.

Ladies and Gentleblogger

The Two Card Monte.

Thank you for watching...



  1. papaanong 8 ang naisip niya at yon ang naipalit nabaraha sa kamay. Wow.magic nga galing

  2. alam mo na curious ako doon sa ibinahagi mo about kay berwin. ne research ko talaga siya. hinanap ko kagabi yong iniexposed niyang secreto ng mga magician pero wala akong makita. siya pala yon yong komedyante. ano ba ang ginawa niya?


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