Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Spoof: Usapang Kape! (ni Teacher Katie)

Matagl ko nang gustong gawin to... ang gawan ng spoof ang blog ng iba... nauna na yung ginawa ko kay Iya_Khin.. kung di mo alam.. click mo ito... at .... ito...
Yesturday.. out from nowhere, after I read the blog of Katie... naisip ko lang na translate  ang blog ni Katie sa English using Google Translate... I am using Google Chrome.. and everytime I am in a site that is not writen in English, it always ask me "Would you like to translate this into English".. so I decided to give it a try.. and taraannn.. that's the out come... yahooo.... Enjoy Reading...

--------------------> Spoof Begins Here <--------------------

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 WaAaAaAahHhHh ... are you bloggerzZz exhausting!
Hangsaket of my back ... just me 4 hours sleep.
Hagardness to the maximum level! arRrgh! I want to KAPE! I want to be ASLEEP!

Speaking of Coffee ... me I do post toh coffee. But first things first why then do I ngarag and lack of sleep? If toh exam valedictorian maybe just me ... jejeje .. Well mainly so my lack of sleep because I wake up early to magparenew NBI. Humayged basically the length of the queue mga 'from finished basement to the 5th floor at least until you again from the ground floor there ... fun noh torture just as simple .. jejeje .. sensya if exaj illustration, ih the I experienced ganun ih. Well okay I feel tired because of the beautiful destination of Vigil and pagtyatyaga That was my queue, relative to I Peter, I wolang kathrill thrill thing ... jejeje ... which I just would much NBI staff to quickly process of pagrerenew ... (jejeje. demanding ..? char ...) Halaka, about that shovel coffee post toh '... mites not work properly right cerebellum and left me ... char .. .! So according to that about coffee ... I want to sip tasty coffee Nung makakapagpawi my antowkhz! Did you know my first time to the Starbucks Coffee Nung Saturday morning together with my fellow teachers! Ganon mites shovel dun! Hanglamig, Daming Hang finished cake, hang done much the same magaganda't puge ... mukang xoxal! Quiet Storm dun we just out tumambay ... jejeje ... nakigaya that I ordered along with I ih, i choco cream chip ba? Ah just yun! I owed ​​that pay nun at my ih, and passable only with the blocker so they ordered more nakaburaot to my delicious cake ... yummy tlaga ... jejeje ... I think I've really just another rich Yon. pede .. but she also with pooooor shovel .. jejejeje ... I tried it for experience and virtually no distinction syang shovel Brown tinitinda Aling Tekla the corner and shake Manong Kordapyo the pavement. The difference is I label and container. Well Another difference is the exorbitant price almost pedeng ipang Brown a dozen hanging in the corner, I 3 in 1 coffee jejejeje .. ah ... I just grow coffee and I also shake their merchandise Which Tekla and Manong Kordapyo ... to me that we own version of Starbucks ... How can something that name? errmmmmm ..... pu given you any name pedeng ipangtapat of Pinoy at Starbucks ...

--------------------> Spoof Ends Here <--------------------

Did you understand what it said? ehehhehe... nO? me too... ehehhehe

See ya!!!

salamat sa pagbabasa...



  1. katkat is dat you! haha! naki jejejeAl ka din ah.. konti lang naintindihan ko jan sa blog mo..jejeje

  2. dahil absent ako sa Blogosphere kahapon. ngayon ko lang ito nabasa.Nauna pa ito kaysa sa post ni Kathie kaya pinuntahan ko ang post niya na curious ako sa translation na yan.

    OK to meron palang mga ganyan.

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