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Coin Magic: Frederick Garcia

In the world of Magic, I can say that Coin Magic is the hardest thing to practice, it does not only required great skills but also a time consuming practice, Coin Magic is considered to be one of the toughest but yet one of the most fascinating act, whenever I see magicians who can perform this magnificently I can’t help myself but to say “I WISH I WAS HIM”… this is one of my frustrations actually, my level of skill in card magic is not that extensive but I can say that I got a lot of tricks to show, but in Coin Magic, the only thing I know is the “Coin Vanish”… at least I know a little…. Ehehehhe…

Today I am proud and excited to introduce to you one of TSC (The Story Circle) best Coin Magician and TSC’s 2009 Close-up Magic Champion Frederick Garcia a.k.a Tong.

Frederick Garcia

I met this guy way back 2008, it was August I think, My Friend Robert Zapata is the one who introduce him to me, It was in Gateway, after that we went to Mega Mall and met some other Magicians and proceed to IMC (Inner Magic Club) meeting in Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo Streets, Quezon City (weow!!! I hope I got it right)., , 2009 was the second time we met up, it was in IMC again, he became one of my closest friend since then, ay sorry, mali pala, it was in Circle C Mall, Wednesday yun…. Kala mo hah…. I remember, iniwan kami ni Anthony sa Magic Shop nila kasi may Magic Competition sa IMC noon, tapos may bumili pa sa amin ng Magic Box,I was the one who performed the Demo since hindi alam gamitin ni Tong, After namin isara ang shop, sumunod kami kay Anthony sa IMC, but before that, nilibre ko pa siya sa Tropical Hut. Nyeheheheheh…

When I formally joined the TSC January of last year, he became one of my good friends, he always taught me some basic coin magic and guides me on how to practice it, in TSC his name is considered to be one of the foundations of TSC, not just he is good in Coin Magic but also a very supportive to the Club, he is still young and still has a lot to learn. He is one of the local magicians who always drives me crazy whenever I see them performing.

Have you heard about the show Magic Gimik? Ahahha.. Mok’s requested that my next post about magic would be something like Magic Gimik, but eventually, I don’t want to end up like Bearwin Meily who was granted by the Magicians Group the title of “Persona Non Grata” or in other words “Unacceptable or Unwelcome person” click This for more details, because he hosted that show and revealed some of the Secret Code of Magicians, but anyway, this is not about him, but this is about Frederick Garcia, the show lasted only for about a month or so, I am not sure, but they eventually changed it to Magic Bagsik after they knew that there is a lot of protest from the Magicians Group in the Philippines and also in other country, and I am happy to say that TV5 is very sport  when it comes to competitiveness, they did what they know is right and gave justice to all Magicians out there, they changed the format of the show and even changed the Title, instead of revealing the secret of Magic, they invites Local Magicians to perform in their shows and have at least a minute of fame on Televisions and one of the guests was Frederick Garcia.

So here it is…

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Frederick Garcia Magic Bagsik Performance…

Frederick Garcia already appeared in some of GMA’s Tv Show, particularly in Sweet Life.

I just believe that the feeling of wonder is amazing.
                        - David Blained

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  1. cute mo pla pag skin head.. hehehehehe. Galing ng magic nya ah....

  2. avah..astig kuya ah..pwede ko ba yang matutunan?

  3. kaya pala familiar ang name kasi lumalabas sa QTV if im not mistaken, sa QTv ang sweet life sis Co ng GMA..

    si David Blained talaga ang alam n alam ko, hehe! si Alakim like ko din.. :)

  4. Filipino Magician are awesome. I know Alakim, he is so good!

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