Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Puss in Boots

Ok! here is my review to the Movie Spin Off of Puss in Boots (El Diablo Gato, The Gingerhead Man, Chupacabra, the Furry Lover and Frisky Two Times), basically I am not gonna say anything that will spoil-out the story plot line of the movie but I will just point out some, the movie is very nice and well delivered, the character of Puss was never overrated and exaggerated in a sense that he had earned his reputations to carry the entire film alone without Shrek and company by his side.

Puss was first introduced to the cinema in the movie Shrek 2 (2004), he was an Out Law, running from the sheriff from his town, hiding from one place to another place looking for revenge and way to clear out his name from a terrible miss understanding between him and his brother Humpty Alexander Dumpty, his charm and charisma earned him to got a spin off movie of his own, I admit I am one of his avid fans, from Shrek to his own movie spin off I still fall into his most powerful and effective weapon his PITY LOOKING EYES, this is actually his most notorious and deadliest weapon ever since from day one he was introduced to the world.

Not like Donkey, this cats has the skill, from fighting to making people fall in love with him, his sense of humor and most romantic voice (Dubbed by Antonio Banderas) will truly make you say, “Oh men he is charming”, this cats is an Out Law but has a good heart, he was pushed to run away from his town, hiding from Sheriff and hoping to clear his name from being a bandits, He was an orphan in San Ricardo, he was raised by a woman named Imelda, there he was taught all the good deeds, he befriended with Humpty Alexander Dumpty and later swears that they will become like a brothers, they protected and watched each other’s back since then, together they dreamed of becoming legend.

Humpty Dumpty has a mission, to find the Magic Beans, and Puss with his skill he helped Humpty Dumpty, together they faced all the adventures in life just to find the magic beans, but when they finally found it, Humpty Dumpty betrayed him, and forced him to jail, there he meets Jack as in “Jack and the Beanstalk” yeah right, the Puss in Boots movie is still similar to Shrek where the story telling is based in different fantasy tale, in this movie he met Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Mother Goose and Jack, when he met Jack inside the prison, Jack tells him the terrible consciences they are facing when they stole the Magic Goose that lays Golden Egg, Jack told Puss that it was just the daughter of the Giant Mother Goose and that the Giant Mother Goose will not stop until she finally find her daughter, and she is coming for her daughter, there the real story begins.

Tell me how will you kill him with this kind of looks.

In the movie, Puss also meets Kitty Softpaws, she is a skilled theft, she has the unbelievable ability of soft touch, she can steal from you blind, and you'll never even know she was there! , Humpty Dumpty offered him gold to distract Puss from looking for a way out to clear his name, she was sent to help him manifests everything to force Puss to jail, so that he can rule San Recardo alone, but along the way, she fall in love to Puss and realized that it’s not just the gold that she wanted but the heart of the Furry Lover and Frisky Two Times.

Anyway this is just a glimpse to the movie Puss in Boots.

I give 5/5 to the movie.

My name would become legend
                             -Puss in Boots



  1. showing na yan dito mapanood nga.

  2. Binitin mo pa kami. Baka hindi ko na mapanood yan sa big screen wait ko na lang da DVD ulit. But I agree he deserves this movie. Make way for Puss.

  3. hahaha to have this...

  4. DI KO BINASA. hahahaha ayuko! panunuorin ko pa yan!!


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