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Thank You 2010 (Humble Life to Tell)

Thank You 2010 (Humble Life to Tell)
By AL Diwallay

2010 is almost over but before it finally says good bye to us, let me take you for a quick ride in my “Humble Life to Tell” 2010 was not easy for me, but yet I can still say that this is really a different year for me, it is a mixture of sorrow, sadness and happiness. 2010 really destroyed and ends my life but yet started to build a new one for me! let me narrate some important event of my life during the past several months or let says during the whole year of 2010, after all “we must learn from the past”

Let’s see!

January 9, 2010 (Saturday) - I left for Manila via Cebu Pacific to try once again to break the great big wall that’s been blocking my way to the road of success, it was a tough decision to make because I’ve failed and fallen many times for doing that. But I have to try it once again, and so armed with courage and hope, I was so determined to give it a shot one more time and this time I’ll make sure that everything will go my way.

January 10, 2010 (Sunday) - Nothing special, I just stayed in my room somewhere in EspaƱia, Sampaloc Manila. I was just relaxing while preparing myself for the big shot, I am here again in Manila and tomorrow is the “D-DAY”, the day that I’ve been waiting for, I’ll make sure that I will succeed this time.

January 11, 2010 (Monday) – Early morning I went to Ortigas to apply for a Call Center Agent in SITEL Phil. I did not waste any single minute, I have to, because this is the reason why I am here. “TO APPLY”

January 12, 2010 (Tuesday) - I am already a trainee for Toshiba Account in SITEL, “Oh no… I forgot it’s confidential…” yeah right… who cares anyway. And so there I was, I am already working in a call center (lucky for me), I think this is the 5th Call Center Company I’ve work with…

January 17, 2010 - I joined the group called TSC (The Story Circle), I met this group way back 2008 through Anthony Andres but I just decided to join the group early this year.

February, 2010 - Nothing special, I am still working in a Call Center. Trying to learn all the scenarios and solutions.

March, 2010 - Again, Nothing’s new… still the same…, still doing Call Center thing but this time I am beginning to get

April, 2010 (Early May) - My “WIFE” arrived from Zamboanga, I asked her to move here with me in Manila and who knows we can start our Family here, after all we’re married.

May 2010 (Love Quarrel) - Ahhh… the real life begins; not every day is an “I love you” thing, trust me even the sweetest couple. I had an argument with my wife. A serious love quarrel. But I don’t wonna talk about it anymore. What it is? What was it and what it’s all about? Hmmmm! I really don’t want.

May 2010 (Late May) – Realization begins, I think life here in Manila is not giving me the things that I want, I think I have to take it to the next level, so I decided to apply for abroad… hmmm maybe Dubai or Saudi? What do you think?… so I went to Mabini and look for a Manpower Placement Agency and I was lucky to find one, It’s for Saudi, it seems like they’re just waiting for me to arrive, and with no doubt I applied.

May 2010 (Still Late May) - My wife is already in Zamboanga.

June 2010 (Early June) - I’ve received a good news from My Mom and Dad, they’re coming to Manila for a business trip and at the same time to see me before I left for Saudi because just two days ago I’ve also received a phone call from the Agency, my flight schedule will be on June 17. (Yahoo).

June 14, 2010 – The agency called me, my flight was moved to June 20 and that is already final. Good thing I still have few more days to spend with my Mom and Dad here in Manila.

June 20, 2010 (7pm, Sunday) - The day I left Philippines to find myself a new place in other country. This is not my first time to leave the country. But still, the emotion is in the air. But I really tried to hide it; I tried not to show it to my Mom. I wanna be strong. I wanna; I wanna, I wanna really, really, really, ahhhhhh… (Spice Girl) I wanna cry out that time. I don’t want to leave but I have to. It’s not running away but its finding Nemo (Toinks!) I mean finding the way, finding yourself, finding the meaning of life. People can say that I am mighty and strong, brilliant and brave but they don’t know that I am weak inside, weak as a newly born child. No one has ever bothered to ask me “WHY”, why I keep on leaving Zamboanga, perhaps no one has ever seen me suffering, every day I am hoping that I could look for a Job, a nice Job, A job that would make my parents proud, that is why I keep on leaving Zamboanga and I thought Manila is the place. Every time I leave my family, I wear a mask, so no one can see my face crying.

June 20, 2010 (Airplane) - Have you ever thought how hard it is to live alone? Have you ever thought that life in Manila is not that easy? right now I am leaving again and this time to other country!, I am wondering how its gonna be? Can I make it? I am really afraid.

June 21, 2010 - After long hours of flight, ALHAMDULLILLAH, I am here now. I arrived Saudi safe and happy.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – home for almost 1.8 million OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) as they say, and I can say or I must say that I am lucky to be here, not every Filipinos are given the chance to work here, and not every OFW’s are given the chance to have a nice job here. But for me, I have both, a good life and a fine Job. Saudi for me is a very nice place, maybe because I am a Muslim, changing environment is not easy. Life style and everything, you have to deal with it, but for me, everything is normal, maybe because I have already gone to other countries before, particularly Malaysia and Thailand. But I wasn’t there for work but for a short tour only, but this is different, I am here to work, not to have a good day vacation,

I have a lot of relatives here, almost all of my cousins are here, my batch mate in College and in High School, and one of my best buddy name Khalid his also here and I was really lucky because we live in the same city, so during weekends I can always have a sleep over at his flat. By the way, weekends here in Saudi are during Thursday and Friday.

July 2010 - I am happily working in SABIC. Discovering new things, learning the life style of Arabs, It’s really exciting to learn their traditions …To study other cultures and beliefs are awesome.

August 2010 - Bad news, my wife, she signed the divorce paper, we are officially separated and divorce (well! that is SHARI’AH LAW), ouch! Pain in my heart again, days after days, weeks after weeks, two times in a raw, I don’t wanna feel the pain in my heart (Arnel Pineda, I Love that song). Well, I have to be strong after all there's always a rainbow after the rain. (Oh! really huh!)

September 2010 - Early September, ALHAMDULLILLAH, it was Ramadan, A friend of mine asks me to go with them to Mecca to perform UMRAH, right timing because I want to have a peace of mind and a happy heart, surely GOD ALLAH doesn’t want to see me suffering, in the middle of my darkest hour I saw light. As a Muslim, I always dreamed of visiting the Holiest Place of Muslims.

September 18, 2010 - After Ramadan, I was transferred to SABIC R&T, a new workplace again, new environment, new department.

October 2010 - I am still happily working in SABIC, I get up every day with smile in my face.

November 2010 - YES! ALHAMDULLILLAH! I was given a chance to perform HAJJ, one of the FIVE PILARS of ISLAM, and also this is my second time to visit MECCA and above all that, the most unforgettable was, I have visited the Tomb of the Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) in Medina. It was so touching and so memorable, I can really feel the holiness of the place.

December 2010 - The happiness inside is overwhelming, the blessings is everywhere, I have to congratulate myself for being strong, so I bought laptop as my gift to myself. After all I’ve gone through; well I think I have to please myself…

And so you see my friend, after all I’ve been through, life is still fair to me, it’s just the matter of knowing what you want and having the courage to do it, there is no such thing as an easy task and at the same time it always seems impossible until it’s done. Every day is a challenge, if you have the opportunity, grab it, if you don’t, find a way, always do the right thing even if it hurts you, life is always fair to you so be fair to it.

I forever thank ALLAH for giving me the strength to survive, surely 2010 was not easy for me, but still I am here, Happy with my life on my own. I am hoping that 2011 would be much better than my past.
Thanks and hope you’ve learned something.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.”
- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

[ay dumugu ang mga daliri ko sa salitype... hmmmp ENGLISH kase... hindi ko maintindiham]

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  1. alhamdullilah. sa kakahanap ko ng link na nilagay mo sa comment mo dito ako napapad at binasa talaga itong talambuhay mo at in english pa. Now i know kung bakit ka magaling.

    I salute you. bilib ako sayo dahil kung magpalit ka ng trabaho parang nagpapalit lang ng damit.From Zamboanga-manila-Saudi parang wala lang.

    kung ano man ang nangyari sa love life mo. marami namang magaganda kapalit.
    yon. lang pwedi bang pakibigay ang tamang link nahihilo na ako sa kakahanap. mali yong link na sinulat mo nag fail.


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