Saturday, September 10, 2011

JuANDROID: Glimpse to the future mobility

What do you know about Android???

How deep is your knowledge when it comes to Smartphone???

Every time I heard the word Android the first thing that pop out from my mind is Android 17 or 18 from Dragon Ball Z, crazy isn’t it, I am not really familiar with the android term for mobile, thought this was a brand name for phone just like Nokia, Sony Ericson and Black Berry or just another Smartphone that really give satisfactions to the user, I am so na├»ve when it comes to technicality, I can’t even determined what’s the difference between the two phone, I am not kidding, I bought iPhone because I am just curious about istagram, other than that, nothing else excite me except the idea that I am now using iPhone 4.

Android 18 (Left) & Android 17 (Right)

It’s really hard for me to decide which phone to buy in the market, mobile industry is no longer the same as yesterday, where in the competitions is just based on the designs and some unique Polyphonic ring tone on it, the innovations of mobile credit have gone way to far than what we could have imagine.

Todays phone is not just all about design and brand name but also accessibility, games, connectivity and applications, but the question is how much do know about mobile industry, how could we determine which one to buy in choosing a phone for our self? Now here is your chance to gain some knowledge about android apps. in cooperation with Computer Society, a student – oriented organization under the College of Computer Science and in partnership with Smart Communications Inc and Techgeist Inc., presents:

“Android: A glimpse on the future of mobility”. is an online community for Android development made for Filipino developers. One of JuAndroid’s visions is to materialize the idea that as a mobile apps developer, local developers can still have a way to showcase their knowledge and skill sets while staying at their homeland. 

This event will be open for all students who wanted to participate from University of Makati and other universities that are into application development. Industry practitioners and aspiring programmers are invited to attend this event as well.

The general objective of this event is to equip the new and upcoming generations of mobile apps developers about the current on demand platform Android OS and contribute from the local mobile industry ecosystem. Specifically the objectives of this event are:

1.knowledge about the mobile industry
2.Awareness about smartphone market
3.Introduction to Android OS technology
4.Support from Telcos

they are making this event as accessible to as many students as possible. The registration fees are 20.00 php for early bird registered attendees and 40.00 php for walk in attendees.

Note: Only registered attendees are included in the raffle of two android smartphones.

Smart will raffle out 2 android phones for whoever avail the early bird registration @

Thank you for Reading.

Thank you to Iya_Khin of susulat ako for more blogging this event.

~ for Kit Yee.


  1. maganda ang mga ganito. kung sino man ang makapunta pakibahagi na lang ang iyong matutunan.

  2. Androids sa DBZ! Brings me back sa childhood ko.

    Fickle Cattle


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