Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reality Bite

“Nothing hurts more than realizing that she meant everything to you but you meant nothing to her…”

What a waste of time… thinking of her while she is happy being with someone else..

It’s been a while seen I last dropped by here in my blog… I am just busy roaming around realizing that life must go on no matter what, we have to focus in planning for the next move, there is much bigger thing happening today than being with the one you love who doesn’t love you back, you can live even if she or he is not around.

got this from the internet (From the movie "One more chance")

Today I have finally realized that I am lucky to be here in Saudi and meeting some people across the net which shares the same interest like mine, they are the bloggers that I considered one of my friends (you know who you are).

Lastly, I wanna say, in this life, it doesn’t matter how slow you go for as long as you do not stop.

Thank you for reading



  1. Mukhang busy ka ano ang pinagkakaablahan mo Al?

  2. I am just a little busy with a project here... ehehhehe.... thanks Diamond for dropping by..

  3. Am I one of those blogger friends? hahaha! Tama si Confucius Al it doesn't matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop. Nakatulong ng malaki ang quote na yan sakin dati, alam mo na yun.

    Ang mahalaga, nakatayo ka pa din. And I am glad you're looking on the brighter side of life.

  4. welcome back kuya al :)

  5. update ka naman paminsan chong :)


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