Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Abstract (Simply relax)

This is my first approach to abstract drawing… just a simple color interpretation of woman in naked I found over the net…. I hope you all like it… I am deadly serious about making it to Art Industry, last night I was busy looking for an online forum that gives a hint and tips on how to become an effective Artist, I know I still have much to learn, but it’s ok… I am on my way now to pursue my childhood dreams (naks!!! joke).


In this picture you shall see a woman in naked scene who seems to be relaxed while sitting in one corner, behind her is a curtain and a flower base with a flower on it, in her right side is a display of sculpture made of stone.

With constant practice... I know I can do it...

Well that’s all from me now…

Thank you for coming.



  1. Dude, this one is awesome!!! seryoso!!

  2. weeee.... thanks akoni... ehehehhe... nabasa pa nga yan ng tubig.. yun sa may tuhod niya at buhok... at saka sa paa... hayst...

  3. ang galing naman!! talented!!

  4. wow.....galeng mo pala aldo e.....

  5. wow!ang galing!lalo siguro kapag nasa canvass to at paint na talaga gamit mo..=D

  6. Eto yung abstract na tinatawag na Cubism. hehehe. eto kasi yung favorite form of abstract ko sa humanities nung college. Last project namin kailangan namin gumawa ng masterpiece, kahit anong style at medium. Cubism pinili ko ito oh
    hehe share lang

  7. Talbus, ang galing mo. Tama lang na seryosohin mo yan bago magtampo ang talent mo at lumipat sakin. Hehehe. Ikaw na.

  8. That's pretty impressive for me already. Wow naman super talented ka Talbus. Ikaw na ang magikero, bloggero at ngayon, pano ba? drawingero? haha..

    Good luck dyan, I know you'll go places. Ang galing galing mo eh..

  9. nice nice.. kaya yan


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