Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Farewell... ehehehehe

Sa hindi mo inaasahang pagkakataon, dumarating ang isang hamon na hinding-hindi mo ikakatuwa, tatlong araw na ang nakakalipas nang may isang pagkakamali na naman akong nagawa sa opisina namin, isang pagkakamali na naging dahilan ng isang warning, warning na nauwi sa tuluyang pagpapatalsik sa akin sa kinauupuan ko ngayon.

Boss: “You always commit mistake, Wallahi I will replace you as my secretary”

Two days after sinabihan na akong papalitan na nila ako… saklap naman.

Pero oks lang… nakahanda na akong lumayas sa aking pinaglilingkuran…


Below is my email to my Boss.

Salam Sir;

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity and to the nice working experience you have given me here in your department, for almost two years working here I have learned a lot of things and I am thankful for that, I really wish I could fulfill my pledge to you when you asked me a year and a half ago if I can promise you that I will not resign from your office for the minimum of two years, I am actually serious when I said I will stay with you for two years, because I am a man with pride, I am kin to every covenant, treaty, pact I made, be it verbal or written,  I take my words seriously, but unfortunately right now I can no longer fulfill my promise to you, my last working days will be by the end of this month. It’s fine with me… sad to say my contract with my contractor will end this June as well but I was gonna ask them to extend my contract until September since I started with you September of 2010, but it’s ok… every good things must come to an end, even the life of Noble Prophet Mohammed Ended unnoticed by his followers.

I have performed UMRA many times and HAJJ, has learned several things, my faith in ISLAM became stronger and my knowledge widen, I am happy and thankful with that, shukran katheeran, I know I didn’t meet your expectations from me, I am planning to apply in another Department after I will turn over my job to our new secretary, I hope you will not put me down to any possibility of working with other manager here in Sabic if they will conduct any survey from you about me and I hope you will build me up to them, Inshallah, this is the least thing I am asking from you, I just need to work until May 2012.

May ALLAH Bless you and your Family.

My loyalty is still with you.

Maraming Salamat.


  1. na touched ako dto 'every good things must come to an end' kaya mo yan AL, GOD BLESS you, Good Luck..

  2. Malungkot po ako para sa inyo pero still after reading the letter naging proud po ako sa inyo kasi pinakita nyo lang kung gaano kayo karespetong tao lalo na sa mga dayuhan (yan ang Pinoy). Alam ko naman po na sa husay at diterminasyon ninyong iyan e makakahanap pa kayo ng magandang trabaho, God will na rin po siguro. God Bless you po. Stay strong.

  3. Good luck sa endeavors mo Al. God bless :)

  4. Sana makahanap kayo agad ng bagong work.

  5. i hope makahanap ka kagad ng new job kuya. God bless


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