Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 11- A picture of your favorite animal

Response to 30 Days Picture Challenge.

It was Thursday around 1pm, sometimes last month, Glenn were suppose to go to his cousin when he found this cute little bird sitting in one corner alone outside our gate, when he grabs the bird it didn’t fly or fight back, maybe he was hungry or something, maybe he is tired or thirsty, Glenn grab him and brought him inside our room, I can say that time that the bird was really tire and hungry, maybe because it was really hot outside, it’s already summer here in Saudi, we took him a picture and gave him a food then let him fly away after because my roommates doesn’t want him to be around he might just eheem,… you know what I mean… they don’t want that to happen.

Two weeks after, I went inside the other room, here in our villa, I was bored so I decided to have a chit chat with Dexter but to my amazed, I saw this little bird, hmmm.. “You kept him”, that’s what I said to Dexter, they said they found it outside the door, I told him that we found it first but let it go after, because my roommates doesn’t want him to be inside the room.

So that’s the beginning of a happy life for him… we gave him a name, actually I was the one who gave him the name “Maja” from the word Maharot… because the bird is so Maharot, he flies everywhere inside the Room, he sometimes fly to your head and rest there as if it’s his nest, every time he do that, we try to remove him from our head, but Dexter, he is different, he let him stayed in his head as long as he wants it, he let him played there.

We treat him like a person, we talk to them, everyday, and before I go to sleep I make sure I played with him even just for a minute. He is more alive now compared before.
We always gave him food, the last time I check he was eating Spaghetti and Chicken Asado.

He is really fun to be with.

So much for that…. Hahahha…

Here he is… “Maja” as in Maharot.

My favorite Animal.

Thank you for Reading.



  1. wow..thats nice kuya.magkano yan?hehe

  2. Hello Maja.. mayron palang ganyan sa gitnang silangan..hehe

  3. OMG nakita niyo lang yan kakalat kalat sana meron din dito.

    nakakatuwa naman si maja. buti walang pusa diyan kasi lumalaway ang pusa sa mga ganyan.
    OH Borjs.

  4. Ah basta ako si Sasa favorite ko...LOl

  5. birds are my favorite animals and probably the only animal i want as a pet. maja is sooo cute! :)


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